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How to make money online from home. (Safest and popular ways to make money)

By Ganodgaga | Capital Times | 26 Mar 2021

         In the 21st century, making money on any platform is very popular now. But people still doing wrong and they spend lots of time.

    In this post, I will tell you what is the best and unique ways to make money online.

  #1 YouTube

    This is the best and very popular way to earn money. But some people don't know how this works and how easy it is. People asked me that is YouTube safe?  The answer is Yes. Google owns YouTube, so this is safe and really pay. 
  But I have a Youtube Channel, and I cannot earn money. Why?

There are 3 basic requirements you should follow.

                                  1. Your channel should have 1000+ subscribers.

                                  2. Your video's watch time must be 4000+ hours in total

                                  3. Your contents must be your own contents. Youtube will show you some details after uploading the contents.

  I tried a very long time and nothing has changed? What should I do?

 You should upload contents (videos) every day or once a week. This can help you to improve your engagement and develop your channel.

If you really want to make a huge amount of money on YouTube, you should do some amazing things. This is YouTube automation. First, you should run many channels, But this is not hard as you understand. It is very simple. There is a very unique and popular way to earn a huge amount of money on YouTube. This is the most popular and safest way to make money on YouTube.

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   #2 Amazon Kindle / Ebook


If you are a writer or book auditor, you have a big opportunity. Because competition is not high, but in the future, this competition is going to be very huge. 

Of course, writing a book is very hard. And you some people don't know how to sell this book and what should they do. But this is very simple too. But you have to know some important things before you start.

                                       1. Great idea

                                       2. Colorful and Minimalist Design

                                       3. Your own value and unique things.

These are the most important to make your first step. If you did these steps right. It is your turn to beat your competitors.

   Where should I sell my books?

  You can sell your books on and, These are the most popular ways.

    I have a book, but I don't know how to make designs. What is the easiest way?

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Have you ever heard about This is a freelancing platform. This guy can make you minimalist and very fantastic book designs for you. Of course, the price is very low. That is amazing, isn't it?

  #3 Bitcoin Mining

   You know that what is bitcoin. This is the best way to make money for free. But there are lots of fakes, scam sites that will pay nothing.

Finding the best and legit site is very important. 

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This site is very legit and popular. That can pay you when you reach the minimum price. The minimum price is $10. This is not hard to do it. I earned $1400 from this site. And you can trade your bitcoin for more value. Just the best one.

  #4 FreeBitco

Have you ever heard about FreeBitco? That is the best way to earn Bitcoin for FREE. You can sell, buy, and play the games with your bitcoins to make more money.

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