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Ok let's get started with my first review of the sites I use to get free coins.

Not going to lie,because this is the first instalment I have choose a real easy site to review hence why my choice was freebitcoin.

These guys have been around since the beginning of time well the whole crypto time lapse anyway. Starting out as a small faucet type site they quickly developed their games and faucet ,taking in many users through an extremely fair and rewarding referal system.

Its Avery easy way to earn passive income because you will be paid in real time for all your referal actions , whether they be claiming the faucet (which is every hour by the way , up to 200 dollars of btc can be claimed although the 200 is probably never going to happen I my self actually claimed a 30dollar prize one time). So the key is to get as many people as you can to use the site also claim your own faucet , the  probably fair dice game is available to multiply your balance ,but personally I do not recommends but the choice is yours 

Freebitco has also evolved in the sense that all coins in your account get 4% interest so its possible to use the site as a bank transferring all coins from other sites to compound interest,withdraw limit is ok at 30k satos ,maybe this is the only thing that could be better , but we all understand why it is like this with fees etc.

Now on freebitco  they have opened a bookmakers accepting btc bets of any size on many major sporting events , so u can claim a faucet and bet on your favorite football team at the same time 👌 

Any big rollers out there could win 2k a day in the daily stakers torny

What are you waiting for if your not already there sign up with my link and start earning ..easy! 

Rating Very good (no brainer))


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Father of 6 ,interested in crypto and its possibilities ,trying to get on the ladder avoiding scams and huge layouts

Make money online for begginers
Make money online for begginers

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