I Recently Bought Some TronWallet TWX tokens. Here's What I Learned.

I Recently Bought Some TronWallet TWX tokens. Here's What I Learned.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 2 Feb 2020

I like to speculate on some tiny little AltCryptos. The reason? They're cheap. I can buy a whole ton of a coin or token, save it for a rainy day (or use a bit), and then sell if the price reaches a particular target. Now, I'm not recommending that you go ahead and buy up any dang ol' sub-cent crypto that suits your fancy. What I am saying is that with a little DUE DILIGENCE and a little patience, some of these investments could come into their own and net you a profit. Be aware that what I'm giving you here is my opinion ONLY. I have a stake in TWX and do not expect you to take my word for it. I'm going FULL ON LeVar Burton on this one. This is not Financial advice.

In any case, this is exactly what I did with TronWalletMe's Token TWX, and my justification for its potential rise in the future.

What the Heck is THIS?

TronWallet is one of the community developed wallets that you can use to both store and Freeze/Stake your TRX all in one app. They recently introduced a “swap” function that allows you to convert between the different tokens/coins that they support in the TRC space. For example, there are several Dapps that have their own tokens for gambling and such, as well as other TRC tokens such as Bittorrent's token and then some.

What the Heck is it used FOR?

TWX can be used in the TronWallet Ecosystem as an intermediary to transaction fees within the wallet. Furthermore, within Q1 of 2020 (This year folks, before March is out) they are expected to release a staking function where you can stake stake your TWX tokens and receive a reward of up to 5% to 10% TWX a year.



I like this, not only because getting free things just by having some of the free things is awesome, but I'm also feeling slightly confident on where they will go. The very idea that you can swap tokens to different tokens in the ecosystem (Including BTC) is a really great way to stimulate the Inflows and Outflows. Not only that, but it gives them value, as they are a commodity to be used for a particular purpose. And that is their use case – to be the “official” currency of TronWallet.


Okay, so if you go to their website, it has a lot to want for information-wise. You have to dig a little bit in order to get to some of the juicy stuff like the “Lite Paper” (not technical white paper). However they do have a twitter that is regularly updated, a GitHub Repo where you can see everything they are doing, and the fact that they are indeed to Tron Community makes me feel really comfortable in this app being a really great piece of tech. I have enjoyed the UI experience to no end.

However, I know many people would be reluctant to invest in their proprietary token without some good info on their stuff. However, there are to major things that lead me to trust TronWallet:

They are Endorsed Specifically by Tron

I personally see Tron as a legit organization, despite the gaffes. Their staking process is pretty cool, and their method of dealing with coin supply is interesting. If they endorse or encourage the use of TronWallet, that is a good indicator in my book. They're no fly by night NeckBeard Lair Operation, rest assured.


Pictured: Not the TronWallet Headquarters

They are a reliable Super Representative.

I have staked over 36K TRX with Tronwallet SR. They are right on the money with their daily staking reward payouts, and they never miss a beat. Every morning I wake up and look at my phone and poof – there it is. Wow. Also, it's almost exactly what TokenGoodies says the reward should be, and that's great.


Token Goodies Screenshot

TokenGoodies Labels them a “Reliable Payout” which is awesome. And here's a few proofs of payout with hash. You can confirm on TronScan at your lesisure.




Oh yeah, they pay. Nice little morning surprise.


Okay, so while some info is short at this moment, I can still get a good idea of how things look financially in terms of token supply, exchanges and so on. TWX is still a baby in the crypto world, but I am able to discern that the total supply is 30 billion with a circulating supply of about 2 billion. That's a lot, but just like TRX, they buyback/Burn tokens, thereby reducing supply. And that's okay for now. Stellar Lumens (XLM) has a total supply of 50 BILLION, and they're currently trading at nearly 7 cents:



If the Stock to Flow Model of Bitcoin Trajectory stays true, seeing a high supply token reach upwards to a dollar might not be unrealistic in the next five years. What's a few billion dollars Market Cap when BTC is nearly a trillion? Think of it that way. Once crypto reaches say, 2 or 3 percent adoption or more worldwide, we will see cryptos of all shapes and sizes take on a respectable value.

With the advent of their TWX staking this quarter, I expect things to get interesting. I'm definitely gonna do it, and with a sufficient amount (which is available now for a fairly low price) I could see some healthy returns. At least, that's the idea.

Thanks for listening, if you're all about that Tron, you can actually get it reliable payouts at FireFaucet, which you can join for FREE. Help me out with my referral link: https://firefaucet.win/ref/Skinnnercrypto

Until Next time... keep your eye on the market.


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