I Have a Top Ten List of Things I Wanna Do With My Life. Here It Is.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 22 Jun 2020

Hello Readers, Crypto folks and Fellow Internet Assholes. Today is once again, something different from the typical fare. I've been doing a lot of soul searching it seems, which I feel is often the case when people are about to take a bold new step into some other thing in their lives.

Starting July 1st, I'm going back to college. I started this journey 13 years ago before I became a Fat Ginger Man with an opinion on crypto. I went to the University of North Texas for 3 years and studied math and physics. I started having troubles with my mental health and as a result, I dropped out. Now, 10 years after that really dark time in my life, I'm finally setting out to finish what I started.

If you've been around the block like I have, you'll understand that the hardest part of losing everything is trying to get it back. You have to claw your way back up that hill, and even when you reach the top, you notice that things were definitely not as they were before. Life, ironically enough, takes some things away and never gives them back. On the other hand, life gives you things that have the potential to be better than what it took. Maybe finding that balance between the two is the trick. Who knows?

All I know for certain is that there are a lot of things going on that is going to demand my time more than writing. Consider this post my memo to you; I will be going on hiatus for awhile. I need to put everything I have into finishing the degree, so I can really say that I finally finished something that I started. It's important to me. I won't be completely absent, I imagine. I'll be around from time to time if I can manage. This isn't goodbye forever, more than I'll see you again soon, and I'll pop in every once in a while.

Any case, what is the plan once I finally finish school? There's a LOT of stuff, and a lot of it are things that I suppose I have thought about doing for years. I feel like it is nice to write down what I wanna do as a kind of "bucket list", only without calling it that. It's a list of things. Don't call it a bucket list. Here we go, in no order whatsoever:

1.) Get a Bachelors Degree (And Then Some?)

This has always been a dream of mine. And of course, I have already talked about it above. But, I wanna push it. I'm a lifelong learner, but I also want to have the credentials beyond the bachelors. I'm realistically hovering between two things:

1.) Getting my masters degree. This is nice, and would open some "just in case" doors in the situation that things go to shit with my initial plan (I'll get to that in a moment. I could do a lot of different things with an advanced degree and a place to apply it.

2.) Going Balls Deep and Entering a PhD Program. This one is a little harder, but depending on how things end up, I wouldn't mind doing this. I am interested in research and such, and I definitely had a dream of being called "Dr." one day in my field of expertise (whatever that happens to be). Ultimately, it may stay a dream, but at this point it isn't something off the table. I may just stick with the bachelors. If I choose this route, I very well may make it what I do for a living while getting it; a fellowship or a TA position to pay the bills might be in the cards if I'm able.

2.) Become a Registered Land Surveyor

This is my first and primary plan of action. I'm finishing my degree in business management, and I can apply those skills to running a new firm (or managing an existing one in the future). This requires me to apply, take an exam to become a Surveyor-In-Training, be a Surveyor-In-Training for two years, then take another exam and I'm a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

I do love what I do, and a long time ago I realized that I DO need to specialize in something, and relegate all other activities to the "Hobby Realm". That's about the high and low of it. It's kinda tough being a generalist in a world that demands specialists. I am interested in a LOT of things, and so many things are interrelated. I think that's why I got so interested in Cybernetics; that field is Trans-Disciplinary, and applies to any field that has any notion of control and regulation. Like management, for example.

This will allow me to make a great living doing something I find fascinating in its own right. It may be the most responsible choice moving forward, if I didn't wanna take too many risks doing something else.

3.) Solve an Unsolved Problem in Mathematics.

Math is among the largest of my passions in life, and there's no such thing as knowing too much of it. One of the things I have dreamed of for years is finding a solution to an unsolved problem. It doesn't have to be a Millennium Prize Problem, maybe just something new that contributes to a field in mathematics. Something notable, but never seen before. Can I do it? I don't know. But I would like to try.

4.) Publish In a Respected Peer Reviewed Journal.

I'd like to contribute knowledge to a field in the format of having research accepted by a journal. This is something that is doable with or without an advanced degree in that particular field. It's not impossible. Hell, This girl did it at nine years old. I think someday, I'll be able to do this. Something to add to the ol' resume, huh? Maybe something in the field of Surveying? That would be cool.

5.) Hold a Patent. Or Three.

If you read my previous article, my grandfather held a few patents in his time. I'd like to do the same. I think of it in a way like becoming the spiritual successor to my grandfather, innovating in some way, improving technology somehow. I would like to do this very much.

6.) Write a Science Fiction Novel

Sci-Fi is a big love of mine. Always has been, and is part of the inspiration for the name of my blog on Publish0x. I do have something in the works (about 20,000 words), and publishing is pretty easy nowadays with Kindle. This might happen sooner rather than later.

7.) Write a Non-Fiction Treatise

This is something I have actually been working on for some time with my Intentional Community of the Future Series. I wish to delve into the details, REALLY flesh out the bits and pieces and publish it in a book that people can read and be inspired by.  I Think my project could someday become a reality, but it will of course take time. In the meantime, I can make people more aware of it as I plan.

I may do more as time goes on.

8.) Build The Community of The Future

I'm real serious about this one. I think I have laid out the general groundwork to get started laying out the groundwork to get started. There's gonna be a LOT of things to think about and plan, but I think it can be done eventually. Creating a true third way for humanity. Changing the course somehow. IT's big, and probably too ambitious, but I'm gonna try anyway.

9.) Have a Really Awesome Library of Books.

I've been a book collector for as long as I can remember. I would like to someday have my own study with a ton of reference books on the topics that interest me. I'm already starting this one.

10.) Build Up A Legacy.

I come from nothing. My grandmother on my mom's side was a stripper. My grandfather on my dad's side was a bank robber who was released on parole only a handful of years ago. Neither of my biological parents finished anything past high school, or found their life's work. They succumbed to mediocrity, drugs and a reputation well tarnished. I wish to do better, but not for myself; for the sake of my son and any children that may come after (I'm apprehensive, but I don't write it off completely). I wish to make things better so that the chain of failures that is my line of succession and my birthright stops with me. I wish to forge a new chain and make something anew for my children and my family, no matter how mixed and disjointed it became. I don't want to die knowing that I didn't change the direction of my own line.

And this is really the bigger picture for all the other things on this list. To someday have my grandchildren (if I am lucky to have them) see me as I saw my grandfather. To know that they will have a fighting chance in a world where things are far too brutal, and far too uncaring. Perhaps in this small way, I can make things better.

Time to get started. We shall see how it goes. Thanks for reading, and for your support and your criticisms. I'll be around, and you will hear from me again.

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