Introducing Hydro Pay: The first feeless crypto app

Introducing Hydro Pay: The first feeless crypto app

By Lyssandros | Lyssandros_s | 23 Jun 2019

351665157-7e8d02169f74b2adbf78fb8769e06142b3f5726cba01ed6883c9b42c362167a0.png   On June 29th the Hydro team will be launching the first even Fees-less Crypto payments app. The public release will first happen on Google Play Store for android devices and in the next days for IOS devices.  

What is Hydro Pay?

  Hydro Pay is an easy to use mobile application designed for secure p2p payments. It will support both Crypto and FIAT transactions with no fees or gas.  The first release will be Hydro only  with the live dollar value shown in app, so you always know that what  you are sending. Later releases will add additional ERC20 tokens and  FIAT onboarding.   

Why you should choose Hydro Pay:

  1. No Gas and Fees
  2. Fast & Secure Transactions
  3. Easy To Use
  4. ERC-1484 Identity Standard
  5. Convert Fiat To Cryptocurrency Easily
  6. Fiat-Hydro Payment Options
  7. B2B Payment Available
  8. You can get referral bonus (up to 1,000,000 Hydro)
  9. Get Sign Up Bonus (1,000–10,000 Hydro) For Free
  10. Ability To Swap Hydro With Any ERC-20 Token

Hydro Pay unlike the traditional payment systems cause it's easy to use, it's the first crypto App that has no fees and it has support for both cryptocurrencies and FIAT.   The Project Hydro has many ongoing projects. You can take a look of Project Hydro's roadmap here:   351665157-1eb013f40ae3b538691ca52b2b6c5124534cb491d5295f03fba0889f6d8feecb.png    


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