This time I bring you an illustration of a warrior in a dungeon.

Video | Drawing | Warrior Scene

By LuisRL | LuisLRT | 5 Aug 2020


Here is the finished drawing, it is a scene that I made to keep practicing and improving, since it is always good to practice something new every time, it is a scene of a warrior exploring caves or dungeons, I try to use some letters or signs of Skyrim, so I came up with some ideas to add some signs, the trick to having a lighting effect on your drawing is to apply all the spot colors and then a dark layer, then start to erase with opacity and get lighting effect easily.


As always, here is the drawing process.

Worked with:
Wacom Intuos 5
Photoshop CC

Initial sketch:

Defined sketch:

Applying color:



Final drawing:

Thank you very much and I hope you liked my post Greetings

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