This time I share some 3D scenes that I was working on =)

3D Practice | Crystal Island Dungeon

By LuisRL | LuisLRT | 18 Jul 2020



Finally I finished this scene in 3DI had problems with my video card since I did not want to work with this scene ...... I tried for two days trying to see the error, but in the end nothing ........ Finally I had to work with my CPU instead of using the GPU to make the scene render work.


And as I already knew, the CPU took 3 days to do the different renders, some even took 22 hours ........ But in the end I managed to do the render, I would like to have worked a few more views in different scenes but I did not I like working with the CPU because it takes a long time to make a single image.


I hope you like this practice, sincerely I really like the end result of this scene despite the problems I had, it reminds me that I no longer play jejejejej, now I have to spend investigating and practicing ways to work better with drawing and 3D.

Worked with:
Autodesk 3ds Max
Photoshop CC

Preview from the program:



Renders views in general planes and in planes of details:





Thank you very much and I hope you liked my post Greetings 😄

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