#5 - My take on the crypto cut backs


Lucvend’s Hunting Hideout

June 7th, 2002. 5th edition by Lucvend

My take on the crypto cut backs


Hello Hunters,

     The game developpers have announced a major change in crypto payouts in the game. Blue system vaults are now paying 0.02$ instead of 0.10$. Green vaults respawn every 2 days and yellow vaults every 2 weeks. During events, white and blue tier vaults (including uservaults) will no longer pay crypto but are now 100% guaranteed to drop a resource box.  Check out the medium article for all details Medium article: Changes to system vaults.

     I'll be frank. I am disappointed by the change BUT I understand why they are doing it. I have to make one thing clear about the article: the part where they say it is about the crypto bear market and that they are running out of money is false . Kookoopuffs as said in Discord that he failed to explain properly to the writing staff the reasons for the change.  An updated version of the article has been published. I encourage you to go reread it.

Here are the facts:

     In games like CHW, they have set goals for reward payouts. They have to balance things out to sustain the in-game economy otherwise the game may break. For crypto payouts, they have a set ratio of crypto payout per player per hour that they want to balance out. It is an equilibrium between the number of keys dropped, the key burn in different game features and the quantity of crypto given out. Any time they add/remove a feature, that equilibrium changes and they have to adjust things to keep maintaing that ratio. This is what happened with the introduction of the walking quests and the change/removal of keybooths. According to Kookoopuffs, the ratio had doubled after the change and the popularity of the Hawaii Event has caused the game to payout an amount of crypto that was unforseen. So they had to adjust the payout in the game to bring back the equilibrium. 

     So the companie's finances were in peril. Not true. According to Kookoopuffs, it is just that they wanted to control the growth of the game.  They have deals coming up that will guarantee the game's survival. 

     So the crypto bear market is the cause of this. Then again not true, he is not going bankrupt due to Bitcoin being low. Their budgeting is pegged to the dollar not Bitcoin. 10 cents is 10 cents. Actually they buy Bitcoins everyday to pay your payouts. 

So what?

     You have to remember that the game is still in development. Usually gaming companies spend years in secret testing things out before being launched. Titanium Toaster decided to do things differently and let us play as they improve the game. They need our feedback to make things better. We are part of the development process.  Illusionweaver said in Discord that we need to keep in mind that the crypto is what brings us to the game as reward for playing, but that the game is not about crypto. It is about getting us active, learn things and be a community.  Coin Hunt World is still one of the best crypto paying game out there that is fully playable. It is not a whitelisting scam of a promised metaverse that you have to buy an NFT to finance the game's development that will get rug pooled. This game is different.

    There will be many more changes coming to the game that will not please everyone. There is a roadmap that is very interesting and is sustainable. You have to keep faith and adjust your expectations. You will not get rich with this game. You will not be able to pay for your rent with this game. Just think of this game as picking up a dime found on the sidewalk. It is a bonus for playing on your cell phone.

Keep hunting guys!!! There's more fun features coming soon.




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Lucvend's Coin Hunt World hunting hideout
Lucvend's Coin Hunt World hunting hideout

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