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Cryptonian World in 2032



In all this cryptonian sharade that happened recently between #tron and #steemit I would preffer to stay neutral :-)

It's funny, how, as a humble artist, i've tried to create on both platforms my own #tokens somehow having the feeling that at some moment #tron will expand its ecosystem and would do a cross-chain with steemit.

Here are my tokens through which i'll support art/music and through my artistic protocol there will be supported many of the charity causes and accounts who are supporting these kind of causes inside #hive #steemit and #tron communities.








Hope that many of you will participate and support my artistic protocols and support my music/art through which i'll be able to continue my mission to support any account or charity cause inside those three ecosystems mentioned above.

(This is not a financial advice, but, as you all have checked maybe my music already, you could see my message through my artistic creations and the most important thing, which is the fact that i'm just an artist, trying to help other artists and people arround this new world out there on which i still have a hope that it will become more and more art/ruistic) :-)

If there will be people who would like to support my art/music, you can donate/support my artworks through the "pay with tokens"protocol added to my webpage:


This protocol goes through one of my favorite cryptonian platform out there: Kyber Network




Very excited about this artistic protocol. I do believe in better Times ahead ...



people at this very moment in time are disillusioned and are witnessing actually a restoration at a global and maybe at galactic level of the entire system of what they've used to name it ... Life ...

Now, let's take in consideration my humble artistic perception about a possible scenario in a not very distant Future.

My Visionary perspective on how the World will look in couple hundreds of years, IF, a cryptonian system will be implemented, hopefully, in a peacefull way ...

Let's estimate this:

IF btc has a "limited edition" number of coins and the World would remain somewhere arround 9 billions of people, the FiboNagy way of doing the math will look like this and has a relevance.

IF btc will have a value of 1 million $ or maybe more, but let's stick with 1 million for the moment, then, the math will split the units like this:

1btc=1million $

0.1= 100000 $






If we'll split 23 millions of btc to the estimative 9 billions of people that supposedly will populate the Globe, then an average of 0.002555 btc will return per each Soul of this Planet, which will take us to understand that an average salary will be arround, 0.0013 - 0.0025 btc per human ... something like 1300 $ to 2500 $ per person in matter of a normal salary for a daily job.

This is just an estimative assumption of a Visionary artist :-)

Maybe everything will be 100 % higher ... or ...


Meanwhile, enjoy some o my music compositions:


Ciao a tutti!!

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Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist
Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist I'm an artist/Musicoin ambassador. You can find out more by visiting my webpage from the link above. I'm here to present the blend between the art/music & cryptonian world.

Lucian Nagy Token (LNToken) White Paper
Lucian Nagy Token (LNToken) White Paper

This is only a conceptual whitepaper describing the future goals for the LNToken to be developed. This Whitepaper may be replaced and updated from time to time. Thanks to all of you who will participate and support my artistic goal through my LNToken. Support my Art/Music and i’ll support this World as well.

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