It takes a long time to grow a friend.

Friendship Takes Time

By Shalinnerd | Love & Perseverance | 20 Apr 2021

Image with text saying It takes a long time to grow a friend. An Illustratno of a woman watering another woman standing in a planter.I got a message from someone I met on a dating side almost a year back and he asked to meet me at his home. I don't like going to or calling people home unless I know them enough. So considering we are practically strangers I refused and he tried to convince me.

I told him I didn't feel comfortable since we don't know each other. And he said that we have known each other for a year. I have heard this kind of thing before and I find it ridiculous.

Knowing each other or friendship needs time. But the kind of time you spend together getting to know each other. Not the kind of time that passes because the earth revolves around the sun. You can't bookend the year by calling me once at the beginning of the year and once at the end and tell me we have been friends for a year.

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Love & Perseverance
Love & Perseverance

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