Loud Mouth News-Official Update #2

By Antwone163 | Loud Mouth NFT's | 2 Feb 2021


State of the Loud Mouth Universe

Hey all you loudmouth fans, after a long hiatus we’re back better than ever with a new and cleaner look and quite a few professional animations. Series 2 will have variants you’ve seen before and a few new variants and animations you haven’t seen us use before such as base, vhs, graffiti, eternal flame, shattered dreams, stickers and more. Some of the variants are going to be super difficult to get as there will be a few mint 25 of 25’s.


In the 2 weeks leading up to the sale we will be releasing sneak previews of the different variants and animations and there will also be many chances for you guys to get some free nft’s added to your inventories, so keep an eye on our twitter and Publish 0x page.


The series 2 drop nft’s will be sold on Saturday February 13th 2021 at 3pm est and Nfts will be dropped 24 hours later Sunday February 14th 2021 at 3pm est.


The price on these beauties this time around will be 50 wax and we're aiming to sell 500 drop crate style NFT's.

Mouth Not Available

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Loud Mouth NFT's
Loud Mouth NFT's

This will be the place to get all official updates for Loud Mouth NFT's other than Telegram and twitter.

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