Brecht Devos Becomes Loopring’s Chief Architect

Brecht Devos Becomes Loopring’s Chief Architect

By Loopring | Loopring | 18 Nov 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Brecht Devos is now Loopring’s Chief Architect.

Brecht has been part of the Loopring team for one year and a half. As the architect behind Loopring 3.0 and one of the lead developers, he is the driving force behind Loopring’s advancement in the application of ZKPs for scaling our protocol.

Brecht has also led the effort on Loopring 3.0’s zkSNARK trusted setup MPC ceremony. He is an incredibly quick learner, a great communicator, and a beloved team player. We are truly grateful to have him as part of the team.


Brecht Devos <>

Going forward, Brecht will lead all efforts on the design of future Loopring protocol versions as well as the development of other smart contracts that will benefit Loopring’s product and ecosystem.

With Loopring 3.0 moving to production very shortly (once the ceremony has made sufficient progress), our focus can shift to commercializing and productizing the offering, as well as extending it. While R&D will remain at the heart of the Loopring Foundation, we feel we are entering a time where our protocol is at the forefront of Ethereum exchange technologies and ready for primetime. We know Brecht is the right person to help lead Loopring down this path!


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