A great Australian exchange that can be used by anyone in the world

By Dennis76 | Looking after yourself | 6 May 2021

Swyftx is an Australian based exchange that has been in operation since 2017. Based in tropical Brisbane, they use local developers, technicians and customer support teams to support us in buying and selling crypto currency. They have a very high trust rating on Trustpilot as you can see.

Whilst not as big as the Coinbases of this world, they pride themselves on their customer service, their low fees (0.5% compared to others who tend to charge 1%) and low buy/sell spreads.

You can buy and sell instantly as well as view a range of price charts for a large range of cryptos.

I use a large number of wallets to protect and store my crypto as well as using a large number of Defi providers and exchanges. I think it is the best approach to not only invest in crypto and decentralised finance but also to decentralise or spread your crypto and your buying/selling across a range of platforms.

Being an Australian, I do love to support local crypto startups such as Redfox Labs as well as Coinspot, but I think Swyftx is a strong competitor to the Coinbases of the world.

Here is a video doing a detailed comparison of Coinspot and Swyftx.  Please consider using my affiliate links so I can continue to write and post about all sorts of crypto and crypto news :-)


As always, do your own research and ask lots of questions! Happy investing!


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Looking after yourself
Looking after yourself

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