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By brechtryckaert | longterm-crypto | 12 Aug 2021

There's a bunch of scams around that promise you free crypto, but turn out to be a letdown at best. In this blog series, I'll present to you several apps and ways to earn crypto. All of the apps and ways presented in this blog series are tested and validated by me personally. I'll also try to give each one a rating, so you'll have an indication of how viable it is.

Brave Browser

I've been a Chrome user for years, but Chrome was getting too bloated and resource-intensive. Plus, I was trying to improve my security/privacy online. So I went looking for a privacy-centric browser. And so I found Brave. 

Brave is a browser based on Chromium (the open source variant of Chrome, but without the Google bloat/tracking), which has a built in ad blocker and also blocks all kinds of tracking/tracing scripts by default. This results in your pages loading much faster and sites being able to track you less.
It even has a privacy mode with TOR built right into it. 

Crypto-centric innovation

Another reason why I chose Brave as my daily driver is the fact that they're doing something fairly new. They have their own crypto token, the Basic Attention Token (BAT). This token is used to reward you, the user, for being shown ads in a tab (maximum 10 an hour) when opening a new tab. In return, the Brave Browser rewards you with BAT for each ad you've seen. 
It also allows you to use that BAT to directly tip the creators of website content you appreciate in BAT, giving them an extra source of income. If you'd like to learn more about the BAT-based rewards for using the Brave Browser, you can read up on it here:

Setting up the Brave Rewards for optimal returns

Once you've installed the Brave Browser, you'll need to surf to brave://rewards/ to open the Rewards settings page. This will result in this screen: 


Make sure the ads are enable by moving the slider. As you can see, this month I'm already at 1.798 BAT and we're only the 12th. For doing nothing but browsing, this isn't a bad return at all.

Next, click the "settings" icon directly to the left of the slider, as indicated above. This will open the ads settings and allow you to set it to the maximum value of 10 ads per hour (on opening new tabs):



Needless to say that I'm quite the fan of Brave and that I'm very happy with my monthly returns in BAT, for doing absolutely nothing extra over my usual daily browsing. Each month I average between 3 to 4 BAT, which is paid out by Brave unto a wallet at
I'm giving Brave quite a high rating as this requires no extra effort, improves your browsing experience tremendously and offers you BAT in return for using the browser.

My earnings: BAT 3.22
Time spent: 1 month (07/2021) 
Brecht's rating: 4/5

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