drops free NFT for loyal users - are you one of them?
The Blue Pill drops free NFT for loyal users - are you one of them?

By CryptoTjark | Long Horizon | 30 Jul 2021

Have you used in the last year? Then you might be eligible for one or even more of their birthday presents to the community.


A Thank You to the Community

They have collaborated up with @ZemmNFT to release a series of 7 unique NFT. Which one you can get depends on the role you have taken in the yearn ecosystem. If you were farming, staking, giving or participating in community circles you are most likely be one of the 13,500 recipients of the NFT. Users which participated in multiple of those activities at the time the snapshot are able to grab some of the rare ones in this drop. 

To find out if you are lucky just head over to the invitation page on and connect your wallet.

4 of the available NFTs


The Blue Pill 

To show that NFT can be far more than just a digital asset on the blockchain, grants online-access to their book The Blue Pill to all owners of their NFT. They call it a "spiritual guide for the past, present, and future of Yearn". In it you can read all about the origin story of Yearn and how the journey for reimagining finance, organizations, and collaboration in itself, will continue. 

There is also good news: You will probably get the chance to have into the book soon, even if you are not one of the early adopters of Yearn. They have made clear that their book was created with the intention to be shared by all. Just have a look out for some humble Yearners around. :)


About was started by Andre Coronje on July 17th, 2020 and turned into a DeFi bluechip on Ethereum with billions of TVL. They made it their mission to simplify Decentralized Finance and maximize returns for the community. reimagining and rebuilding finance, but it’s also reimagining and rebuilding organizations and the very nature of collaboration, too

Twitter: @iearnfinance


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