UHive- An innovative social network? A users perspective

By aka LonelyBoy | LonelyBoy | 5 Apr 2021

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UHive bills itself as 'an innovative social network that introduces a new experience for users, a never-before seen economy for digital assets with a new and proven business model. UHive is a social network that lets users socialize, interact, and find people across the world while earning its own digital currency.'

Ive been a daily user of UHive for about 2 months now and have collected 16 000 tokens (price 4/4/21 $0.028) as well as having a 'Prime Location' badge given to me which ensures I will receive a 'space' within the centre of attraction and popularity for being in the first 100k users.

Like most crypto based ventures there are points for engagement and for daily time spent on the site. What is really great on UHive is that each week the points you earn multiply, until your earnings are boosted x4! To do this you just need to log in for 10 minutes a day. To be honest I think this system has some bugs as I seem to get the time allowance as a standard daily amount and no extra for if I spend an hour or more (which seems strange).

A real downside of being on these sites early is the lack of quality material within its searches and UHive is no different. Try searching for a hip hop song or radiohead even and you will turn up a blank. Instead there is a lot of spamming and crypto giveaways which can ruin your feed, I also find it strange that the algorithm doesn't give you things like sport or news in an obvious timeline. Instead I freak out seeing Liverpool have lost (again) only to see its from weeks ago (a slight relief!). As more quality users come on board and post/share more the site will definitely improve.

One unique aspect which I haven't fully explored yet is 'The Oasis' which is designed more like the night sky where the stars are actually rabbit holes of interest you can go down. This looks cool but I honestly haven't used it a lot.

Engagement is very low on here at present so it really does feel like everyone is just sharing to get their daily tokens. Hopefully this will change as I quite like the premise. After being on here it really made me enjoy Torums focused approach a lot more. Try for yourself and let me know what you think. Also be my friend on there so I have someone to engage with in my 'prime location'!


Referral invite code: V5NJHM

What I like- Uhive token bonus daily multiplier, coin starting to be listed on exchanges

What I don't like- quite spammy, hard to curate an interesting feed, video often bugs out

Similar towww.torum.com (Ref: https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=lonelyboy) (Much better imho)



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