Is this a x100 Pre-Launch? My thoughts on the prelaunch ICO for OzComCoin (OCC)

Is this a x100 Pre-Launch? My thoughts on the prelaunch ICO for OzComCoin (OCC)

By LonelyBoy2021 | LonelyBoy | 10 Apr 2021

Is this a x100 Pre-Launch??? My thoughts on the ICO for OzComCoin (OCC)

If you are anything like me you probably look on enviously as others boast about getting in on the ground floor and making huge gains. Where are they when the price was low and we could all get in on the action?! 

You probably couldnt get anymore ground floor than this as the website and pre-sale only launched yesterday and will run for a few months.

I am only aware of the project as I was a participant in the OCC #airdrop and can confirm I received 1554 OCC into my Trust Wallet. This does take a little work as it needs to be added as a custom token on the TRC 10 block-chain.

'OzComCoin (OCC) is a service for the social media future that is built on top of the Tron block-chain.

We believe with our product, sending your favourite content creators

a tip to be rewarded is something the middleman should not be profiting off.

A possible use case as mentioned on their Twitter account- Tip Tik Tok and Facebook accounts! or PublishOx users even (Tips always appreciated!). Ingame tipping looks to be a target as well with the teams sponsorship being for 3 cars in a SIM style car racing game. You potentially could tip the 'driver' you are supporting etc

Isnt this just like lots of other projects? Where this is different to many other similar projects is that with OCC you would still login as normal to your accounts- 'OCC can be used within our DApp, which not only acts as a wallet but is integrative with your social media platforms– you will be able to continue using the same log-ins without having to remember additional passwords or create new accounts.'

What makes me have any faith in this project?

It was through the airdrop that I became aware of the project, but it was getting the coins into my wallet that has given me faith in the team behind OCC. After forgetting which wallet I had submitted, I wrote an email to their contact address on a saturday afternoon. Within a few minutes the CEO had replied with helpful instructions, a whole lot of thanks for my support, and a promise to support my restaurant business the next time he was in town. I have to admit, I still struggled to get the coins in there so I joined up to the Telegram (only 40 members) and asked in there. Within moments I had two of the development team providing me with instructions- VOILA!- done! There is also a genuineness about their communications that at the very least wills me to want them to do well. 

The big question... Is it a x100 coin?

The discounted website launch price works out to AUSD $0.075 cents per coin. We know from other similar coins that they dont rise into the multi dollar mark. Unless OCC could find itself in partnerships with something like a blockchain game or become the primary tipping coin I cant see it hitting multi dollars. Could we see it improve 25% to 1 cent- that seems very likely once it is listed on exchanges. That would be a great result for many of us but we are really looking for returns we can boast about arnt we?! Could we see the coin hit 10c or more? There is definately the chance of that and in a market like the current one- who knows what the ceiling could be.


The whitepaper shows a large budget for marketing which can only be a good thing for potential price increases.


I have purchased 20 000 coins for $150 AUSD and see it as a worthy gamble. I dont see this as a rugpull team so that worry is out of the picture for me. My big question is just- can the project do well and make me some profits.

The website presale will run for a few months while the team attempts to get exchange listings.

Purchases are made through the coinbase exchange and OCC recomends Trust Wallet



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