Tachyon Protocol,World first Decentralized Protocol For Online Privacy and Security

By Sodaf | lohladex | 2 Jan 2020

Introducing Tachyon Protocol Technology

Internet has proved to be a veritable instrument for all mankind. It has eaten deep in our society and has become an integral part of all human being. Sometimes, i personally call internet a life giver. Internet technology has made it possible for everyone to be enlightened, learn and research all they need to know.Despite all these amazing benefits derivable from the world of the internet, there are still some shortcomings which need to be corrected. Internet nowadays is operated under centralized system which makes 95% of the Global users more vulnerable to attacks, all sorts of cyber breach and general insecurity on the internet space. This is why the team of Tachyon Protocol comes into the picture to correct all these anomalies and offering a sustainable solution to the problems of insecurity and privacy on the internet space. Today, I will be introducing to my dear readers Tachyon Protocol Technology, a blockchain Powered project which tends to resolve the prevalent challenges of insecurity in the internet world.I hope everyone will find this project very interesting.

About Tachyon Protocol Technology

It is an open source, decentralized network stack that combines encryption and decentralization system in other to provide an independent and effective internet The environment that has high security, integrity, anonymity with the highest speed. Tachyon Protocol solely based on 3 major components which include: Security Protocol, Anti-Analysis, Tachyon Booster User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Tachyon Booster User Datagram Protocol (UDP): the protocol reconstructs the internet, it transport and apply layers of TCP/IP protocol by implementing a technology like Point to point protocol on IP layer, distributed Hash table ,UDP, and blockchain.

Tachyon Anti Analysis (TAA): It is used for forwarding and decomposition of information .TAA consists of 2 basic schemes which includes concurrent multi path routing scheme which separates a piece of information into multiple different IP Packets and transfer them into different paths to prevent single point attacks from receiving information.

Multi-relay forward scheme: This implements the ideas of onion routing .the information are forwarded by various multiple encryption to prevent the concurrent Contribution node to know the forwarding contents and the routing path.Tachyon Protocol as a decentralized internet protocol that was co-launched by V SYSTEM AND XVPN is changing the existing TCP/IP protocol through blockchain technology,advance encryption technology, and mature distributed technology.Tachyon has introduced a native token named IPX to reward various participants who contributes to the development of the ecosystem and as a matter of fact establishing a fair, transparent, and efficient trading and reward instrument.Tachyon Protocol has partnered with Bithumb Global one of the leading Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange in organizing the IPX BS Staging event and more than 25,000 users
have engaged in the event in which over 700,000 IPX tokens was distributed as rewards in 2 raffle rounds conducted.




It is the major means of authentication, settlement, transaction and community management and governance with Tachyons Ecosystem. It is the native currency that fuels the working of Tachyon ecosystem. It was issued on V SYSTEM Blockchain with a total of 1 billion supply and currently trading on Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange.
IPX token play a very crucial role in maintaining and sustaining Security and decentralization within the Tachyon Network and will be used for identity verification,prevention of malicious nodes from traffic monitoring and undermining network security. In the area of decentralization, Tachyon network are driven by the community members.

Secondly, IPX token will help in strengthening the ecosystem security. The VPN network comprises varieties of distributed nodes that is capable of recognizing and communicating with one another.The Blockchain Node before participating in the network governance must stake IPX tokens.This principle will assist in identifying the network nodes and protecting them against Eclipse and Sybil attacks . IPX token will create a comfortable and affordable means of sharing extra bandwidth among the node as well as the network users.

Tachyon Protocol has implemented P2P market network where nodes provide renders services to other nodes. The Ecosystem supports 3 different types of nodes
i Clients nodes to initiate connections
ii Provider nodes to relay the traffic
iii Business nodes for purchasing resources and services from other nodes.
All these mentioned, IPX token serve as a medium of exchange and transactions facilitator among the market participants, its utility functions includes pre session locking, session fee collection and instant checking.

Provider Nodes: Nodes provider must stake 200,000 IPX token as security deposit to enable them completing nodes verification and qualifying them earning returns from the staking fees in the network. IPX liquidity solely depends on demands from the new provider nodes and the users that join the network and the supply from provider nodes who sell their session fees and the staking profit

V SYSTEMS Staking 2.0 programs
VSYS Mainnet is live.It enables staking of VSYS network token.Staking Program which allows VSYS token holders stake other tokens developed on V SYSTEM mainnet is live .IPSX token is available for staking. Users can stake their tokens for interest.

Below are the use case of IPX token

1. It serves as a medium of Exchange among the community members in Tachyon Protocol network.
2. It also serves the purpose of identity verification.
3. It is designed to incentivize Clients Nodes and Provider Nodes to contributing positively to the ecosystem development.
4. It serves the purpose of the Pre-session locking, session fee collection and instant checkout
5. A mandated security Deposit of 200,000 IPX is required to enable providers nodes completing the node verification.

Tachyon Procol is a very huge Blockchain internet project with a very bright future. The concepts of Tachyon Protocol is resolving the current problems we are facing in the current world of internet. Internet users need protection while on the internet. User's privacy and security need to be honored and protected. Tachyon Protocol is spearheading the internet revolution. We believe the internet of the future will be embarking on decentralization. In the same vein, while protecting the values of internet and user's interest, they have also created another means to incentivise their global users and investors. Kindly follow the official links below to learn more about this amazing platform.

Official Resources

Website: https://tachyon.eco
Whitepaper: https://tachyon.eco/TachyonWhitePaper.pdf
OnePager: https://tachyon.eco/onePaper.pdf
Telegra: https://t.me/tachyoneco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tachyon_eco
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/TachyonIPX
Medium : https://medium.com/tachyon-protocol
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/tachyon-protocol
Kakao : https://open.kakao.com/o/gRTetMzb
Github: https://github.com/tachyon-protocol

Bitcointalk username :koremodupe
Bitcointalk profile url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2681359
IPX Adress: ARB9tAk2D5eiPaW1iorriNCMguHh95xw4vy



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