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About CurioInvest

CurioInvest is a Blockchain Powered online Investment platform which offers different means of investments for thousands of investors in mostly highly valued assets. All these high-valued properties only attract elite investors, meaning the market is not opened for general public. Examples is an investment in Collectible cars which has been one of the high-performing asset class. Having observed all these shortcomings, CurioInvest has come up with a sustainable solution which will make investment in this Class of high valued asset accessible to different kinds of investment, be it elite investors or regular investors. CurioInvest will disrupt investment in Collectible cars by integrating blockchain technology into the system and making the investment accessible to everyone. Investing in Collectible seems to be a very good alternative investment but the majority doesn't have access.CurioInvestment will create an opportunity for any class of investors to diversify their Portfolio by investing in tokenised High-valued assets. The Team of CurioInvestment consist of experts with decades of experience and proven record in dealing with luxury vehicles investment and has been in various business partnership with a series of companies and organizations. Like i mentioned earlier, CurioInvestment is not just a startup, it is a Sister companies OF Mercuria Helvetican AG they are existing company with a working product and services.
Opportunity opened by assets tokenization will open room for surplus liquidity. CurioInvest is legal compliance platform, Investors can invest with a minimum of $500.

(i) Limited access: Most of the luxury cars are not being sold at the open market. The opportunity of acquiring them by common investors is limited. Limited edition is very difficult and the potential buyer will need to have some other vehicles of similar brand,they must have a portfolio of owners and must also be a member of Luxury vehicles owners.
(ii) Capital Intensive nature: Luxury car is highly expensive though they have high profitability. There so many things that needed to be done after acquiring them. Owner must insure and maintain continually until they are able to yield the expected profits. Only few class of investors would be able to afford this.

(iii) Expertise and analytical Skills required: Only experienced professionals have the skill of analyzing luxury cars, their markets and their potential profitability. In this case, it requires skill and expertise. Some certain things need to be verified in advance before assessments of cars by the mechanics.

(iv) Low diversification: Due to the high capital requirement in the investment, there would be a diversification decline. It is a general believe that for every risk there are always a potential profit and vice versa.


(i) Research has revealed majority of Startup always fail due to some many reasons. Curio Platform is not a start up, as i mentioned earlier in the first paragraph, it's not a business that needed to be to start from scratch. It is an existing Company with a sister company named Mercurio Helvetica AG. Details about the sister company can be verified by anyone. It is standard Company that has built a long lasting partnership with different High ranked automotive companies like Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, and more. This makes it have great access to diverse Collectible cars.

(ii)CurioInvest has built a perfect working system to conduct a whole lifecycle of automotive investments. Their system is intact and perfectly working , they have estabslished a firm partneship with all neccesary bodies to work along with . i.e Insurance company,Automobile maintenance company, and Physical storage provider which are tax free

(iii) CurioInvest is a regulatory compliance and has registered their company as a legal entity in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The company hasbeen endorsed by law to sell security tokens in the European Economic Area(EEA).

(i) Users must become verified through email registration and verifying their identity as demanded.
(ii) After gaining approval, the investment can be conducted in collectible cars through the ongoing token sale. Users will receive their certificate which acknowledges the user's investment in the car after payment. After the funds raising program, CurioInvstment buy the cars which will be tokenised and distributed among the investors.
(iii) The final phase is where users trade their tokens (P2P), users can diversify their investment, they can access their car

performances and can also get new tokens for further development of their garage.

Final thought,
CurioInvestment is one of a kind investment with high profitability potential in Crypto Space.It is not just a startup company but a well-established and successful company who has been in operation and in partnership with diverse companies in their field.CurioInvest had made an impossibility possible in Collectible investment industry by eliminating the existing gap and allowing everyone to invest in a Highly Valuable Assets. They made this possible by integrating Blockchain into their system and tokenised the assets for individual investors to have their shares. This is quite amazing. It worth considering this Class of Project for investment. CURIO IEO is Live on Probit Exchange .Be part of this success journey.

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