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Blockchain technology has paved ways for so many innovations ever since its inception. The decentralized nature of Blockchain make it impossible to be counterfeited or altered. It is a purposeful system that is vibrant and totally reliable. Several institutions, organizations as adopted this technology having realized its qualities.
It is highly effective in almost all fields of life and some larger institutions are building their own blockchain and this certainly indicates there is Blockchain industry will grow just like the internet.
Gold is one among the oldest investment tool ever in the history. It has been widely recognized and adopted around the world. Today, am going to talk about Digital  Gold project, how they intend to revolutionize the system of buying, storing and trading Gold through Blockchain Technology.The concepts of Digital Gold is quite amazing. They make it possible for the physical Gold to be digitized, hence removing the barrier of storage, conversion, and volatility. This is such an amazing Project with a creative idea. Several years Gold has been used in the form of wealth preservation. The stability and reliability of Gold long term purchasing power can't be matched with any other form of investment or financial instrument.


Digital Gold is a blockchain based. The process of buying, selling, and storing of Gold in the platform is conducted on Blockchain technology which make it more transparent, secure and reliable.The major goal of the project is digitizing Gold investment, creating global awareness on Digitized Gold which can also serve the purpose of stable coin.Digital Gold token are blockchain-based token that is issued on Ethereum Network. All tokens issued are 100% Gold backed. The Platform allows users to buy Gold in the form of Digital Gold without any delay. The Platform has enabled buying and selling of GOLD to be instantaneous in various exchanges through their website.GOLD token representatives is holding larger positions as market marker on some major exchanges all around the world in other to achieve Higher market Liquidity this enabling all global customers buy and sell substantial amount of Gold with no spillage and low spread.. A unit of Gold token is equivalent to 1 gram of 99.99 % of the Physical Gold. All Golds issued or purchased on the Platform are stored physically BullionStar Vault
Storage. Customers can buy and trade Gold without any delay or any form of complication. Gold token has created a possibility of purchasing Gold conveniently and storing it through their Platform.As I did mention earlier, each Erc20 Gold token is backed 100% by the physical Gold that is stored in a secured vault and the amount of Physical Gold in storage can be confirmed at any time by any interested users.

BullionStar Vault Storage


(i) All tokens are Gold backed, this simply means every unit of Gold purchased are physically stored in the vault. All Physical Gold in storage can be verified online
in real time.
(ii) All Gold token are issued on Ethereum Smart Contract, the total token in circulation are equivalent to the amount of Physical token stored in a secure vault.
(iii) There is high liquidity to facilitate transactions: The Issuer company provided surplus liquidity to ensure the buying and selling of Gold tokens are conducted
at the market rate without any friction. Gold Token holders can purchase and sell at their own decision instantly.
(iv) In Gold token Platform, there is no excessive service cost in comparison to storing physical Gold in Banks or anywhere.
(v) SECURITY: Customers are 100% protected because their Gold token are backed by physical Gold. 1 Gold token value is equivalent to the 99.99% of the Physical Gold
current market price. There is a fixed supply of Gold token which can't be altered and this is also equivalent to the amount of Phyical Gold in storage.
(vi) PRIVACY: Gold token Platform does not require customers identity unlike some conventional platform before you could buy and trade Gold. Since the platform is powered by Blockchain, security, efficiency, and anonymity is guaranteed.

Final thought,

It really worth considering this class of platform for investment. Gold has been very reliable investment instruments for centuries and the volatility is very low compared to any financial instruments. Gold token can alternatively serve as a stable coin for any traders or investors wanting to hedge their funds against market volatility.Be part of this amazing revolution.



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