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The world is moving at a very high pace and the technology is changing the world so fast.The World of 1990's is quite different from this current Modern era. On a daily basis, different innovations and technology spring up from every corner of the world. Today, am going to talk about Dexa Coin, a revolutionary blockchain Payment remittance platform.I will not hesitate to analyze how they intend to disrupt the Global payment system through Blockchain technology. It is generally known that the traditional payment system lacks efficiency, transparency, and security. The worst about it is the excessive transaction charges levied on the users. Besides, the Security status of Centralized payment system is quite unreliable. We have heard of countless cases of Bank account, credit card hacks which is very disheartening. The Team of Dexa Coin after having realized all these shortcomings associated to the Centralized system of payment has proffered a sustainable solution by creating a Dexa Platform which is powered by Blockchain to facilitate and ensuring the security, efficiency, and transparency in the process of money transfer Globally. What is Dexacaoin all about? We shall discuss this in the preceding paragraph.

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About DexaCoin

DexaCoin is an innovative Blockchain payment remittance platform that aims to disrupt the existing centralized payment system. Dexacoin will simplify the process of funds transfer and establish a reliable cross boarder system of financial transaction. The associated problem in Centralized payment system like delays, excessive charges, and territorial restrictions will be completely eliminated.

Money transfer system will be made comfortable for every Smart phone owners through their apps. All constraint related to international and local funds transfers will be completely removed. Money-transfer process will be instantenous unlike in the past that it was full of delays. The most amazing benefit of Dexacoin is the low commission, it will always charge on funds transactions. I am sure this innovation will disrupt and upgrade the Global financial system.


The Centralized system of payment is quite ineffective, laborious, time consuming, unsecured, and expensive. It attracts high transaction fees to transfer $100 from western union or money gram.Sometimes, cases of funds HOLD happens which can take up to several days if not a week before your funds can be finally cleared. We have heard of countless cases of hackers bumping into Bank's database stealing their customers information and Data. So many cases of credit card theft has been reported. These are the major problems in the Global payment system which needs urgent attention.


DexaCoin has provided a sustainable solution to all these aforementioned problems. They have integrated Blockchain technology into their payment system which will make the process of funds transfer, both local and international more secured, transparent, cross boarder and highly efficient. DexaCoin also have a Powerful decentralized Messaging function in their apps which friends, family can connect with one another and chat in anonymous and secured mode. Below I will highlight the features of DexaCoin App


1. Dexa Coin apps has been designed for Global users to send and receive money Worldwide. It is designed with a friendly user interface.

2. Instant Payment: As mentioned earlier, the process of the funds transfer has been upgraded. With DexaCoin user can send funds within few minutes. Payment can be made through QR code through the app.

3. The App can be linked with the Bank account, which will enable users to conduct funds transfer from the Bank account to the apps.

4. In Built Messenger: Friends relative can connect together through Dexacoin chat apps.

5. Security: Users funds are 100% secured as the safety of users is the top priority of DexaCoin.

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DexaCoin is truly a disruptive innovation that will change the entire Game in the remittance industry. There are so many problems associated to the old payment system which will be solved by Dexacoin.I hereby suggest it worth giving this project a special attention because it has huge potential of success in future. DexaCoin IEO is life on Probit Exchange. Be part of this amazing revolution.

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