Curio Invest, A Complete Revolution in Collectible Vehicles Investment

By Sodaf | lohladex | 16 Sep 2019

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Technology has created so much dynamism in our ways of investments. Blockchain technology has propagated sophistication and growth in 

the Global pattern of investment. Different pattern of crowdfunding and investments has emerged ever since the inception of this amazing technology.Today, am going to talk about CurioInvest, an inspiring blockchain project which i believe will intrigue my dear readers. As a firm believer of blockchain technology though highly selective when it comes to the choice of the Project to be supported. CurioInvest falls in the category of Blockchain project that swept off my feet!

In the past, Investment in Collectible Cars was only limited to the elite class. Such class of investment is not accessible by the majority due to the huge capital involvement, documentation, and some certain rules imposed. 

About CurioInvest

Curio Invest has brought about a complete revolution in Collectible vehicles investment.Unlike in the past which investment in Collectible 

cars was limited to the people of high Caliber , Curio invest has paved ways for general masses to participate in Collectible cars investment through tokenization of these luxury cars. Another amazing facts about this platform is that it creates room for portfolio diversification, thereby reducing investment risk without huge capital involvement. Curio Invest Team has wealth of experience in the field of Collectible cars investment. They have track records of success in the industry and have established huge partnership with 

Mechatronik GmbH which will be responsible for expertise services such as vehicle maintenance, storage, and more.

Benefits of Curio Invesments

(i) Existing Company: Unlike some blockchain startup that fail eventually, Curio Invest is not a startup, it is an existing company 

with proven track record of success in their business undertaking. The Company has been in Collectible cars dealing at Mercuria Helvetica AG and have gained access to over 500 brands of Collectible vehicles. As I did mention earlier, they have to establish a concrete partnership with Mechatronik GmbH to ensure high quality service such as maintenance, storage, and smooth operation of their 


(ii) Asset tokenization: Curio Invest turns impossibility to possibility by making investment in Collectible Vehicles available for the masses through tokenization. They tokenize each luxurious vehicles and make it possible for investors to invest in their choice of cars. The conventional system of Collectible vehicle investment is (iii) Capital intensive. It makes it very difficult for investors to diversify their portfolio and risk altogether.

(iv) Blockcain integration: Blockchain technology will play a very important role in Curioinvest platform. Investors portion of 

investment is being tokenized, it gives them total access to their investment without any third party involvement. Users can do 

whatever they like with their assets at their own discretion.They may trade their tokens on a daily or weekly basis for profit or hold 

for the long term. Investors with low capital who is interested in Collectible cars investment can invest as low as $500. The Vehicle 

brands available for investment has been tokenized and this creates the possibility for investors to invest what they could afford and diversifying their risks as well.


Final thought,

CurioInvestment is a complete game changer. It is one of a kind Collectible car investment platform opened for the general masses.With their proven track record in the collectible Vehicle industry, i believe they will perform well.Collectible car's investment is a real investment backed by valuable cars not just a mere Cryptography.It worth giving this project a closer attention. Be part of 

the success journey. Don't miss out.



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