Cardano (ADA) to the Moon ?

Like every morning, I was quietly carrying out my crypto routine while drinking a little coffee when something jumped out at me. Looking at the capitalization ranking I noticed that Cardano (ADA) has moved into 6th position.


So I rubbed my eyes a little because it seemed a little too big (I almost spit out my coffee). And there I looked at the evolution of the price of the token.


Well guys, it looks like Cardano has hit the price of $ 0.13 and even a little more at the time of writing. This represents a huge increase since it even fell below the $ 0.01 threshold in March at the time of the COVID crisis.

I had seen several pieces of information on the ADA these days like the Shelley update last week I think and a hard fork to come. Coinbase also unlocked cold wallet staking a few days ago for users who wanted it. The popularity of staking recently has certainly had a serious impact on the price of ADA.

In short, there were probably quite a few good reasons to buy a little ADA these days, but personally I didn't. If you have acquired some recently I will be curious to know your strategy to come and what you think of this pump. Is this the famous "Coinbase effect"?

Thanks for reading, have a nice day, stay safe.

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Lodhfiaz - Cryptocurrencies
Lodhfiaz - Cryptocurrencies

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