Brave Ads Frequency - Some Data

Recently I've been wondering a lot about Brave and the ads we get every day as Brave users.

If I browse the internet during the same amount of time every day, would I get the same number of ads every day ? Do these ads appear with regular frequency ? Is it even possible to hit 5 ads per hour ?

So I decided to do a little investigation. I just started my Ph.D and as a young Ph.D student I am spending a lot of time trying to browse useful pieces of information on the internet. So I'm basically using Brave during a large time range every day and I decided to note every ad I got. 

It is important to remember that the number of ads you receive depends on the country where you are located in. Indeed, each company that solicits Brave can choose in which country they wish to display their ad. So you may think that I have had few ads in recent days or that I have had a lot depending on your country.

The results

You can find the exact time of each ad I received over the last 8 days in the table below.


I do not have a lot of data yet and I think maybe I will continue to collect some over the coming days to make it more interesting. Nevertheless, I still wanted to share this with you.

These are the major things :

  • You've probably noticed it, but as far as I'm concerned I always have an ad that appears in the first minute after Brave launches.
  • You may also notice that even though my settings are made so that I can get 5 ads per hour (maximum), this has never happened to me in the last 8 days. I'm not sure this has happened to me before anyway.
  • The days when I received the most ads correspond to Friday (Day 1), Saturday (Day 2), and Sunday (Day 3). It would be advisable to have more data to be able to be sure that this is something that is part of the Brave algorithm.
  • However, over large hourly amplitudes, I never reached the maximum number of ads that we can have in a day (i.e. 21).


As you can see on the graph, the ad distribution curves over the day are more or less similar. There is only one day that stands out. A day when I had very few ads. However, the hourly amplitude on that day was lower, which may explain why I received fewer ads.

In total, this represents 109 pubs in 8 days, i.e. 5.45 BATs.


From the data that I collected during these 8 days, it seems that overall, the ads that we receive each day have a fairly regular frequency.

When you start your day, you quickly have a few ads and then the interval between each ads seems to increase slowly. It appears that we are still far from the maximum potential of Brave in terms of BAT gains since despite a long time of use, the daily ad limit has never been reached.

Once again this goes in the direction of the great potential of Brave and the Bats.


If you want me to continue to accumulate data to present it to you, please let me know in the comment area.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day, be safe ! 

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