Analysis of the figures given by the CEO of BRAVE

Hi guys I hope you are going well today. 

Brendan Eich gave us some interesting figures today on Twitter so I had to share it with you and give you my opinion and analysis about it.

So make yourself comfortable I will try to make this interesting for you.

So first, It seems that this month, the number of DAU (Daily Active User) and MAU (Monthly Active User) has increased "exponentially". For instance, in March there was 13.5M MAU and 4.3M DAU. 

So this month the growth has been quite incredible in terms of the number of users. There is no doubt that this is correlated with their communication strategy.

At the moment, here are the statistics and the distribution of the number of verified creators by platform


As you can see on the figure, the number of creators on Youtube is very important. But in my opinion you have to keep in mind that anyone can affiliate their youtube channel. I mean, you only need to have a Google account to do it. And so this is not really representative for me and it is not the most interesting statistic either.

Because when I look at the evolution of the number of creators over time, one thing jumps out at me. Not you ?


Let's take a closer look at the curve that describes the evolution of the number of creators on Twitch. En dépit du dernier point, l'évolution est clairement exponentielle et c'est un point très important. And you wonder why I find this so interesting. 


Quite simply because as you can see on this screenshot, the biggest twitch chains that have adopted Brave are French. And it seems that Brave offers them a somewhat special partnership in order to unite their community.


If I had to make a conclusion of all this I would say that once again Brave shows us its power of communication. And it seems that these are now setting their sights on Twitch using a particular affiliate program. What does that change for us, the daily Brave users ? Well, the project continues to gain momentum and therefore potentially our BATs will continue to increase in value. This seems very encouraging for the future.

Thank you all for reading me, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you enjoyed this article. See you soon and be Brave ! 

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