How To Introduce Friends & Family To Crypto

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 2 Dec 2021

If you're anything like me, you've tried explaining to friends or family why Bitcoin is amazing and why they should consider investing. Perhaps it was just a passing comment, perhaps you created a PowerPoint, or perhaps you just went ahead and bought it for them.

What I would like to do in this article is break down 4 different 'characters' and how each of them might approach the subject of Bitcoin and crypto in general with their friends and families. Feel free to comment which 'character' you most relate to in the comment section below!

Character #1: Shaq


Just like the Big Aristotle on the court, you enjoy shoving your knowledge of Bitcoin and crypto down people's throats. Any conversation to you is a good time to discuss crypto and why you must invest TODAY! Friends refer to you as 'The Bitcoin Guy/Girl', and most might even consider you somewhat of an expert.

Pros: You mean well, and you have the knowledge to back up what you discuss. Your extensive research and passion is so contagious that you convince everyone you know to invest in crypto.

Cons: People never want to hang out with you because all you do is talk crypto. You lose friends and are left all alone in your basement, with nothing but internet trolls to keep you company.

Character #2: Poison Ivy

Batwoman' Debuts First Look at Nicole Kang as Poison Ivy (PHOTO)

Seductive, discrete, and oh so tempting. You don't need to shove your knowledge down anyone's throats because people line up just to hear you talk. You may have earned the title of Mr./Mrs. Congeniality at your school, and you have more jilted ex-lovers than you can count. You prefer to casually drop knowledge about crypto into conversation and let the flies come to you.

Pros: Your mastery of subtlety actually gets more people you know involved in crypto than other characters. You recognize that people need to be seduced (or convinced) into getting into crypto and you are the perfect person to woo them.

Cons: People realize what you're up to and call you out on it. You're not 22 anymore and no one is interested in being seduced by you. You're left trying to pick up old married men in bars to make a living.

Character #3: Hustler Kid

Was Hustler Kid from Recess actually scamming? : r/TwoBestFriendsPlay

Like the eponymous Recess character, you've got just what everyone is looking for. Want to earn some free Bitcoin on your phone? Here's my referral for App X. Want to earn crypto while you browse the internet? Check out Browser Q. Want to get paid in crypto while playing a game? I've got just the thing for you good sir...

Pros: After signing up to your suggestions, friend and family realize you were right all along. They come to you all the time for more and more ideas and your referral bonuses go through the roof!

Cons: You send someone down the wrong path and they end up with a laptop loaded with malware and never-ending spam emails. You become 'that guy' whose only job is playing RollerCoin all day and living off of boxed macaroni and cheese (KD ftw!).

Character #4: Yoda

Yoda - Wikipedia

"Bitcoin or do not Bitcoin. There is no try." You are a natural teacher who all of your friends and family trust implicitly. You may or may not have green skin and pointy ears. Your knowledge is considered to be pure and whole, and all who come before you want to learn from you. You are indeed, a Bitcoin master.

Pros: Your patience and wisdom are enough to have everyone believe what you say. You develop a cult following and eventually train an entire Bitcoin army. The world is yours, and everyone else merely lives in it.

Cons: You are short and cannot reach high objects without needing to use the Force. Young kids think you are outdated and insist on investing in Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and SQUID.

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