Earn Free Bitcoin: An Ember Fund Review

Earn Free Bitcoin: An Ember Fund Review

By LocoSocioCrypto | LocoSocioCrypto | 30 Sep 2021

EDIT (Jan 13th): I am now up to 85,478 sats earned since starting to use Ember Fund (equivalent to $36 USD)

Full disclosure - I am NOT affiliated with Ember Fund.

I'm just a crypto-nut who's constantly looking for free ways to earn some crypto! After stumbling upon Ember Fund on a Reddit page, I decided to download the app and see what all the fuss was about.

Ember Fund offers a variety of services and products for their customers to invest in. These include:

The Quant: Basically a crypto 'mutual fund' - this product divides your funds into a calculated mix of Bitcoin and/or Stablecoins. The fund supposedly uses machine learning and regression analysis to determine the proper ratio. All time performance of 863% since inception.

Defi Index: This fund allows you to invest in another crypto 'mutual fund' which contains 17 alt-coins at the moment. The biggest holdings in this fund are Uniswap at 25.1%, Aave at 17.8% and Maker DAO at 10.3%. The minimum deposit is $250.

The Yield: This fund centres upon crypto holdings that provide some time of yield to customers who invest. Major holdings include Yearn USDc, Yearn Dai v2. cUSDC, and USD Coin.

Big 3 Weighted: This fund tracks the 3 biggest cryptocurrencies by total market cap and is currently weighted at Bitcoin (56%), Ethereum (37.7%) and Litecoin (6.4%). Minimum deposit is $1,000.

**Personally, I have not invested in any of these funds - I am currently strictly using Ember Fund for its free Bitcoin feature.**


Since downloading Ember Fund on September 6th, 2021 - I have earned a total of 9,469.7392 Satoshis (equivalent to just over $4 USD). Given that the only thing I need to do is click a button on the app once every 24 hours - I'd say my effort versus reward ratio is definitely strong. You start off earning 10 satoshis per hour, but Ember rewards you with an additional 10 satoshis per hour for everyone that you refer. 

If you are interested in signing up, please feel free to use my referral code here.


-The author's earnings so far


The fees to invest in the different funds are slightly high in my opinion (for example, The Quant charges a 3% annual fee). This pricing does turn me off from using the specific features offered.

Another con is that Ember Fund states that the Bitcoin you accumulate on their platform will only be paid out once the equivalent of 1 Bitcoin is earned across all users. While this is not inherently a problem, it does differ from apps such as Shakepay, where your earned crypto is instantly able to be withdrawn.


In conclusion, Ember Fund has so far been a great and easy way for me to stack sats on the daily. Their products may intrigue certain crypto enthusiasts, but at the moment I will be sticking to only using their 'Earn' feature. If you are interested in a simple way to earn free BTC every day - I would suggest giving them a try!

**Once again, please feel free to sign up using my referral code found here!**

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