HitBits - RPG to Earn BTC

HitBits - RPG to Earn BTC

Bitcoin.  How much do you have?  Where can we get some?  Why is the price so high?  If you've been paying attention, you'll see opportunities everywhere.  Now, this may not be right up your alley, but bear with me.  I sense potential, but you be the judge.  Welcome to the RPG world of Hitbits.


The intro splash screen says: Join the battle today and Earn Free Bitcoins!  Already I'm getting weird vibes.  Too many times I've come across earn free and it turned into zero return.  I quickly filled out the empty fields.  Registration was a breeze, only needing a username, password and email.  After moments I was in.  I began poking around.  Immediately what caught my eye was a scrolling board of players who were earning "Tokens".  These things have to be the center of this whole thing.  I started clicking the menu running down the left side of my screen.

There were tons of menus to choose from.  I had no clue what anything meant.  I saw something like Mercenary Contracts, Raid Stats and a Market.  This game had Guilds as well?  As I continued down the list, something popped out at me:  Withdraw.  Okay.  So there was a way to "collect" from this game.  A minimum requirement of 25,000 credits created a goal.  A challenge.  Let's double that and see what happens.  Time to give this a bit of serious effort to figure out what's what.  


The bar at the top of the window showed my Gold, Token, Credit and Food totals.  For a several days I compounded earnings from beating up monsters and the offerwall.  Yes, this game can be fed by tedious action.  There's even a faucet you can claim multiple times an hour, if you so desire.  In some cases the effort to fulfill these "quests" takes little time and ends up netting long-term profit.  In other cases, I'd prefer at-home anesthetic free do-it-yourself dentistry.  For the path of least resistance, I'll explain later.

Credits - How Do We Get Them

There are several ways to earn Tokens, but only a couple to earn Credits.  In looking deeper into this mechanic, we find an interesting fact:  The game's main feature is building an army.  That's right.  You pay Tokens to mercenaries to join you for a limited time, feed them, and then they produce Credits for you.  Their strength is added to yours when you raid, so you can progressively do more and more damage to the bosses.  The more damage you do to raid bosses, the more tokens you earn as well.  The benefits of having a huge army are many.  Let's dive deeper into this part of the game.


Mercenaries come in four different variations.  Each has a larger hiring cost, but also lasts longer.  The final income is the same for each tier.  The more expensive purchases cost less long-term, but eat more resources up front.  The math says investing Tokens in the highest tier brings the most bang for your buck.  Depending on how you want to proceed, you actually do have options here.  The plus and minus buttons allow for a quick selection of how many mercenaries you want to hire.  Simply hit Hire after that and they're contracted to work for you.  That simple.  Remember to keep enough food on hand, desertion will lead to ruin.  And hungry mercs like to wander.

Once you've hired your first round of mercenaries, they'll start producing every hour until their contract is up.  There's a sub menu where you can check out who was hired, when and how much longer they'll be working for you.  Head to the Market, and check out the Exchange sub-menu.  Here you can trade a few different currencies and buy food to feed your soldiers.  Remember to give yourself enough of a cushion so you're not scrambling to get Tokens together to feed them.  Now that they're not going anywhere and they've begun to stack Credits for you in the background, lets talk about getting more Tokens.

Tokens - Tips To Increase Earnings

Remember that scrolling wall of names at the beginning?  That's a real-time tally of people's earnings in-game.  I'm constantly seeing hundreds of Tokens being claimed by players.  So where are they getting these things?  Every player begins with a list of challenges they can complete.  There are daily challenges and career challenges.  The daily challenges reset at midnight every day, and can be repeated again and again.  The career tasks are more like milestone rewards that come naturally as you play the game.


If you want to take advantage of some different opportunities to earn credits, the daily challenges present some easy extra Tokens if you're already doing the offers.  The game also offers a faucet you can claim that does increase as you come back each day.  Don't forget to claim that free reward as well.



Of all the offers I've had the most success, TheoremReach has been the absolute best.  When I've spent time doing surveys, inevitably I'd get almost to the end, disqualify myself and lose credit for the whole thing.  I remember spending hours chasing down surveys that paid good money, only to be jerked around for an hour and eventually told I "didn't qualify".  TheoremReach will still credit you for your time.  Be sure to be honest.  There have been reports of "chargebacks" done.  Not saying it's the norm, but it has happened.  These surveys can pay anywhere from 40 Tokens to upwards of 10,000 or more.  Of all the "offers" available, I've spent the most time here earning overall. 

Another good source of Tokens can be raiding.  In the raid menu you'll see several bosses you can engage with.  There is a level cap of +/-75 levels, A percentage of the Tokens earned from offers and the faucet will be added to all bosses within your level range, and the percentage of damage you do the boss nets you that percent of the Tokens acquired by the raid.  If the boss has 100 Tokens and you do 10% of the damage, you get 10 Tokens.  There's also a chance for random items to drop.  Keep an eye on your inventory, you never know when a random stat book ends up in your pack.  Also you'll get Gold from attacks randomly.  Use this Gold in the Market instead of precious Tokens to make purchases.

Character Development

Like all good RPGs, you can customize your character.  Every time you level up you get 8 stat points you can distribute.  Also, the market sells books that can add stat points as well.  There is a limit of one book in each category per level.  There are five stats you can put your points in:  Strength, Defense, Dexterity, Energy and Health.  The stats that may interest you the most of course would be Strength, this is how much damage you do, and Energy, this is how many times you can attack.  You regain 2 energy every 2 minutes.  If you're taking long breaks and want to maximize how hard you hit, energy will be a key factor.  There is also a skill tree that you can upgrade to get more passive benefits as well.  These points are earned every 15 levels and can cost more than one point or be locked behind level requirements.  They can increase Token drop, faucet payout and other passive bonuses.

The Payout

So does this madness of building an army, smashing zombies and building up my stats have any type of productive end?  The results actually surprised me.  When you decide to withdraw, you're given three options to choose from.  Right now the two options are a direct withdrawal to a BTC address or Express Crypto.  A third option for Doge has a (soon) tag next to it.  I opted for a Bitcoin withdrawal, and put in my address and the 50,000 credit withdrawal.  The site says that payments go out on weekends and may take up to two weeks to pay.  I was optimistic and submitted my request.


Two days later I got a notification in my wallet:  Transaction Received.  Sure enough the transaction matched the Block Explorer link in the withdrawal page.  Unsure if it was simply a lucky pull, three days later I submitted another withdrawal.  To add complexity to the situation and to make it more interesting, I added on another 42,000 credit withdrawal three days after that.  One day later the payments hit my wallet.


Final Thoughts

Is this thing gonna make me rich?  Of course not.  Has it done what it said it was going to?  Absolutely!  Is there potential to earn even more?  We soon shall see.  Hitbits isn't really anything new.  The format they've chosen to implement is definitely more fun than the countless other mindless click-for-crypto models out there.  Is it worth the effort?  I'm still stacking Credits, and until these guys desert their post: I'll keep withdrawing them straight to the wallet.


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