Icon... What does it's future hold?

By LockInTheValue | Lock in the Value | 19 Apr 2020

The Icon project has always been an ambitious one. Their goal is to 'hyperconnect the world by building the largest decentralised network on the planet'. It is a lofty goal, but one where they have made great strides in completing their roadmap targets. Icon is a platform which aims to connect different blockchains using smart contracts so that different sectors can link together, such as healthcare, insurance, education, finance, security to name a few.

They have recently teamed up with Chainlink in order to work towards connecting blockchains and we are huge fans of Chainlink's project and the work they are doing. If their partnership is successful then it is possible that the Icon Network could become a the most utilised platform for DApps, where it already has a number of successful projects. 

The Icon Network is used by the Government in Seoul. There are 2 major South Korean banks that utilise the Icon Network. Not to mention two significant partnerships that Icon currently has; Samsung and Line.

The majority of people out there will be familiar with Samsung, but Line is a fascinating one.


This is the biggest social media platform currently used in Japan, with an estimated 200 million users per month. They have partnered to work on the development of DApps across the Icon Network. The Icon Network also has two significant communities within South Korea that use it, Stayge and Somesing. The first is a community for fans of a K-Pop band and the second is a global karaoke service, built on the blockchain. The first of its kind!


The future of Icon is fascinating, and if the Icon Network continues it's reach and significant partnerships, and the ICX token is utilised as payment methods for the DApps built on its blockchain, the demand for the token will increase and thus, so will it's value.

What do you folks think? Is the potential as exciting as it looks?

Take care and stay safe.

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