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Mmmmm!  Good beef is a joy and this hamburger certainly looks joyful to me!

Why we do what we do.

By MitchAllen | Local beef supply chain | 23 Nov 2021

You'll forgive my clumsiness.  I'm just an old man with a love for God and His creation, my neighbors and shockingly, good food.  Actually, if you saw me, you wouldn't be all that shocked.

Daddy didn't hunt or fish as he raised his 3 sons.  He did cows. That meant feeding in the winter, working calves in the spring, putting up hay in the summer and fixing fences, well, kinda always.  If Daddy did it, that usually meant we were up to our necks in it too.

It's funny now, but I never really planned on messing with cows when I grew up.  For the most part, that's how it turned out.  As time rolled on, I was constantly filing away tidbits of information about cattle, improved grazing techniques, marketing, supply chains, economics, emerging technologies and all sorts of arcane knowledge.  I think I was being prepared for this season in life.

My first awareness of our nation's food crisis came 20 years ago when I was shown a feedlot in Georgia where feeder cattle were being fattened on chicken manure.  Yep. Chicken manure.  Oh, they sweetened it up with other waste products including, I was told, out of date breakfast cereal.

Now, in my way of thinking, the Lord did not intend for those poor animals to eat chicken manure despite the proclamations of the animal scientists.  Am I being a radical?  Perhaps not but it did set me on a path to find a better way.

Recently, I've come in contact with a range of folks involved in the beef industry with a common vision for a better system.  We've banded together to make our visions a reality.  This blog will serve to document our thoughts and efforts in that struggle. 

I look forward to hearing from others who are like minded or who simply have a good idea that may help us reach our goal.



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A big, old country boy telling it like I see it.

Local beef supply chain
Local beef supply chain

This is the story of an attempt to create a beef supply chain in Talladega county Alabama. By enabling local farmers to feed local families with fresh, clean beef, we hope to strengthen Talladega county farmers, families and the local economy. Come along for the ride!

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