Publish0xTutorials - Tricks For Making More Popular Articles

Publish0xTutorials - Tricks For Making More Popular Articles

By Virendar | Little Speakers Corner | 5 Feb 2020

So you want to write popular articles, and perhaps earn a token or two? While I can't make your posts for you I certainly could give some advice for making better and further reaching articles.

The first thing that a potential reader sees is the title, so you need to make it look good. The title should be short and snappy, if possible, but you want it to stay relevant to the topic at hand and true, unless you want to click bait that is. A good tip for coming up with good titles is reminding yourself of your target audience and the platform user base. If you want an article to do well on publish0x namedropping something like Brave, BAT, Publis0x, Bitcoin or certain other popular crypto related things can give you a small boost.

Besides the title the other thing that will draw a crowd is a good thumbnail. Having an enticing thumbnail can be just as important as a good name so how does one get a fitting picture? There are two ways, finding one or making one. Finding a picture can be easy or hard depending on what you want the end product to look like. And if you want to use an already existing image, know that not all image results from your search engine are free to use. So it is recommended to use websites such as or to find thumbnails. Alternatively you can make your own thumbnails. Now I don't mean that you whip out a digital paintbrush, rather that you combine many images to your own liking. If you don't have an editing program already I would like to recommend gimp as a great free and opensource alternative.

Alright, you now have a spruced up cover for your article, but that means nothing if no one is around to see it. It is important that you don't publish your article as soon as you're done writing it, provided of course that you don't finish at a good point in time. So when should you publish? I am by no means a master when it comes to knowing the Publish0x user base schedules but an educated guess that the morning or afternoon should be the ideal spots due to the largest amount of people having time to spend, free or otherwise, reading articles, and tipping them. 

So you know how to make a good looking and well timed article, but you still need to get the insides in order. Writing a good article is just as much about the content as the structure. If you write well, but you put everything in a big wall of text it will be harder to read and less coherent compared to a text made with separated paragraphs. What should be in a paragraph and when should you start on another one? It is deceptively simple. One paragraph for one topic. When you want to move on from writing about a topic, say paragraphs for instance, you just skip to the next line like.

Huzzah! Now that your article is finished you need to plan for the future, and one thing is important when it comes to writing in the long game, consistency. If you write consistently then it is easier to amass a following, and with a following your articles will do better. Being consistent doesn't however mean that you have to write one article a day or every other day but rather that you do it often enough. What is enough? Ultimately it's up to you but I would recommend once a week or more.

As an additional tidbit if you are in it for the money it would behoove you to remember the tipping restrictions that can lead to articles published later in the day to receive fewer and smaller tips.

All in all I hope this served as help and inspiration to make your future articles better and more successful. I wish you good luck with your writing!

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