Tron staking using TronWallet
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Tron staking using TronWallet

By yanis | little crypto guides | 27 May 2020

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to stake tron using tronwallet (mobile) to earn staking rewards.

edit : It also runs with their new Klever app. I know they also provide a "auto" staking mode, but manual will allow optimizing profitability ! 


Why staking tron (user side) ?

When you stake tron, you earn money without spending one cent (just locking).


What does it give to the Tron Network ?

To stake tron, you have to lock it, so you can't sell it. It finally lets the currency's price grow.

Rewards aren't given for freezing tron directly, but, for each freezed tron, you obtains a tron power (a vote right) for electing super representatives, so you (not directly) controls the network by voting for representatives.


But... It's a tutorial

Yes, so I stop giving informations (I'm not wikipedia).


The tutorial starts NOW !


Requirements :

- having at least one TRX in your mobile wallet wallet

- that's all


STEP 1 - Opening your wallet

I won't give you a screenshot for that.


STEP 2 - Freezing TRX

Go to the freeze menu and select the number of coins to freeze and for which resource (if you've at least 2 trx, I advise selecting both) and confirm freezing.


information : You won't be able to unfreeze your coins for a 3-days period after freezing. After this period ends, you can unfreeze it at anytime.


STEP 3 - Voting for a super representative

For each freezed TRX (any resource), you got a tron power (voting right). To earn rewards, you'll have a last thing to do : voting for a super representative. Rewards are depending on the node you choose, so choose a good node.

Then, just confirm your vote. When the app says it's successful, you can leave it and do something else (tipping me, for example).


tip : as written on the picture, some representatives give you rewards automatically, so you haven't to claim it (just look at the money-rain)

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