How to non-custodial claim BCHA fork (for people that didn't)

How to non-custodial claim BCHA fork (for people that didn't)

By yanis | little crypto guides | 2 Feb 2021

BCHA was forked in december, bit I've just claimed it yesterday. So, In this article, I will tell you how to claim this fork ! 


1 - Install Electrum ABC

Electrum ABC is the BCHA variant of electrum-ABC, and electron cash is an electrum-like used for BCH.

You can find last release here :


2 - Import your mnemonic within Electron Cash

Once downloaded, follow the steps entering a name for your wallet, and importing your mnemonic !

  • 1 - Choose a name for your wallet
  • 2 - Select "standard wallet" option, for importing a standard wallet
  • Indicate you want to use your own seed
  • Enter your mnemonic
  • And choose a strong password
  • That's all !

Security advise : You should send all yours balance (BCH and BCHA) to yourself (it's splitting), else a replay attack (mirroring a bch transaction on bcha) is possible due to UTXO model ! 

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