Bitcoin halving - which effects ?

By yanis | little crypto guides | 9 Jun 2020

Everyone knows it, halving happened on 11th may. But what were its real effects ?


1 - Problems for miners

Miners who had unefficient machines or expensive energy weren't longer profitable.


2 - A free "Ad" for bitcoin

When the halving happens, all the community talk about bitcoin to non-users people.


3 - Bitcoin tx fees increase

If bitcoin tx capacity is reduced (unprofitable miners), but load increases (ad for bitcoin), fees are increasing, and tx confirmation time increases (I had a transaction that took 2 weeks to confirm).


4 - BTC price increase

Because new users are new buyers, price often increase after a halving. Not because miners are selling less, but because bitcoin is more known.


5 - Many questions like this

Because many people like me have questions like this. But, for knowing what'll happen for the long-term, the best way is waiting and seeing by yourself.

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