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COIN App, Maximizing Profits&Weekly Bonus Drops

By Hanksaccount | LitShare | 18 Jul 2022

This is a helpful article about maximizing profits in COIN App. 
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Everything beneath this text gonna be very short described. If you are wondering bout something, dont hesitate to comment on article and i'll do my best to answer. 

Get the most out of the CoinApp experience, read this article to get a faster start!
There are plenty of ways to "make it happen" with COIN app. 
The company is probably making profit by customer in-app interaction&purchases..
Im not gonna write about that stuff. Im gonna tell you the flipside.. How You Make Profit! 

There is ofcourse the most logical preferable way, use the functions available in the app.
But make sure to do them in some sort of a order.
First i need to explain, if you just do one of these things for a day and nothing else.

The gains not gonna happen! 

Ok. Let me list it for you. Do all these things and you will start seeing things happening. Thousands of coins will start stacking!

1) Check out the most basic functions in app. First time starting the app, geomine five times, do it fifty more times to be able to access Geoclaim(Geoclaim is the most valuable thing to do, read more later).
Keep in mind the first time using that in near future to keep GOOD gains, you gotta get the NFC card for shipping price($12,95), standard price $49.
So this is the first tip of the article, and maybe the best of them all. Because somehow when you google and try to find this CoinApp NFC card, you find $49, but there is a special link where you only pay Shipping price. ( LINK : )

2) Right when Geoclaim has been unlocked. Put +5 coins until you are 1st in the leaderboard in your Area. Put in around +50 Coins and wait until someone else in putting in their share. If you are getting 2nd place when someone else enters. Geomine more and insert more coins into the Geoclaim.
One time i travelled across my country and geoclamed many areas, got hundreds of coins every single day for a week!

3) I cannot stress enough to watch Free Ads! They give you between 3 to 8 COINS. No questions asked. When finished, just press X and you have received COINS. If you keep doing this it stacks really much, one one day i can make easy 200 COINS watching ads.

4) Scan the NFC card and start Move2Earn! With the NFC card you make much more gains, instead of 0,05 COIN per mine. You get 0.70 COIN per mine. Put effort into making it happen, like anything else in life, keep pusing and farming and stuff will happen. With Coinapp, dont hesitate to move your body. Simply scan the NFC card, go for a walk to where you are heading. Ding ding, you have received COINS. For every moment doing this, you are more close to the goal.

5) On spare time, when not doing anything important. Scan/roam around in the Rewarded Play, you'll probably find something that you like to try.
When playing games or trying out apps you get up to hundreds or even sometimes thousands of COINS.

6) There are users geodropping and other users can geomine them. The first user to do so gets the most coins. Sometimes there is a big geomine happening and the first users to geomine it gets a big rewards.

7) There is Daily HODL rewards. Means to HOLD the Cryptocyrrency XYO on any supported exchange or get rewards to HODL COIN in the app.

8) Get Daily login bonuses, daily bonus stacks with "power-ups". So keep doing this and you will reap heavy rewards in the end of the week.

9) Refer friends to receive 10% of their geomines for life! 
I would appreciate if you use my refer link:
Each person that installs COIN using this special link will receive a rocket start with 1.000 COINS! 

10) Get premium subscription to get around 36% more from the rewards and much more!

Do you have any CoinApp tips to add in this article?
Post a comment and i will add it on the article.

Feel free to read my previous article on what CoinApp is about:

Thank you for reading this article/guide.
Have the greatest day.

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