Tewkenaire Dapp - Proof Of Weak Hands Game in TRX

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 5 Nov 2019

Proof Of Weak Hands Game in TRX

Tewkenaire has officially launched and has already amassed 7 Million tron in its smart contract. To get understanding what is it about let me quote something from their website;

How Does it Work? Every entry and exit of the tewkenaire smart contract has a 10% flat transaction fee applied.
Instead of this fee going to the owners of the exchange (like all centralized exchanges) this fee is automatically evenly distributed to all Tewken holders as trx that they can instantly withdraw whenever they'd like. Forked from the original POWH code base.

Tewkenaire is inherently lot safer investing opportunity compared to many other Smart contract ponzi games or tokens for that matter, since you get dividends for every sell/buy done in the smart contract. Top of this there is referral support (would appreciate using my link hehe) where you get 33% of the fees by the referred. 


The Smart contract has also been audited and you should take a peek at it or the smart contract itself if you have doubts before investing. Also i do explain bit more detail about the model in my video above, so make sure to watch it.   

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