DappStats - Dapp Statistic Platform that Shares Wealth with Community

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 15 Sep 2019

DappStats Shares Earnings Of The Platforms with Token Holders

If you're looking for a place to search for dapps you might want to check out this new platform called DappStats.com that is currently featuring EOS, IOST, ETH and TRX dapps. In future there will be support for Ontology and Ziliqa!

Dappstats has their own native token called DappStats (DST) in Tron blockchain and people who hold it and freeze it will be getting daily dividends from the platform that are created via Advertisements and referral links that exist on the site. 


Eventually the dividends will increase in 2020 and also dividend paying for other platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Ziliqa will be going live as well. 

Thousands of active community members interact with DApp analytic sites every single day but never get rewarded for their engagement effort. On average, the current DApp analytic sites make about 250k-500k TRX per week from Tron DApp referrals alone. All of that revenue goes to site owners, which leaves the DApp supporters with nothing except DApp projects to rely on. Source: whitepaper

Currently dividend is pool is small, but if this site becomes lot bigger in future and secures more sponsorships & advertisements i can see many more people start using it and this will grow the overall pot higher and also the price of DST will go up.

I like the business model of the platform and submitting your own dapps is easy and effortless and layout isn't bad either. Let's see how much the value of the token will start to increase in future.


By clicking "Token sale" on top allows you to buy the tokens directly with TRX, currently priced 1 TRX = 1 DST. You are required to have tronlink to interact with the smart contract sale. Just to be clear there is limited amount of tokens in sale 70 million tokens being available for sale. 

Stay tuned for more updates on my blog!

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