Creating a Waves Asset/Token Under 2 Minutes, without any Coding
Creating a Waves Asset/Token Under 2 Minutes, without any Coding

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 25 Feb 2020

How to Create Waves Asset

Here is a short, easy and fast tutorial how to create Asset In Waves (Also known as tokens) without any prior coding knowledge or massive investment. For further questions and guidance i recommend checking out waves discord and telegram for instance (Lot of the community members and mods are super to help out).

  • Step #1 - Get a Waves wallet, there are multiple multi-coin wallets such as Exodus, Atomic Wallet and Trust Wallet that support Waves. You need to get private key/mnemonic phrase which you can import to Waves Keeper, also keeper itself allows wallet creation FYI. 
  • Step #2 - Now you need to get 1 Waves in the wallet you are going to use, plus around 0.003 for the transaction fee. Exchanges such as binance, bittrex & kraken sell it for instance and their native exchange. 
  • Step #3 - Now we are going to head out to Waves.Exchange where we need to login and you can register account or just do it easily with waves keeper extension we just installed.


  • Step #4 - Now we need to go to Create token tab and the page should look something like the image above. You need to be logged in order to view this page just so you know
  • Step #5 - Next we need to fill all necessary information here, name of the asset and description about the project, which will appear on the DEX and waves explorers out there. After this you choose how many tokens you want to create and choose setting whatever you can mint more tokens or not, usually having non-reissuable token creates more consumer trust to the project and is bit of a standard in token space and in waves ecosystem. Then choose decimal amount!
  • Step #6 - You can toggle smart asset, which allows you to script extra stuff, note that trading and sending this asset will cost bit more than normal in the waves ecosystem. Don't edit it obviously if you don't know what your doing
  • Step #7 - Once all necessary information is done click the "Generate" and sign the transaction with the waves keeper.

and there we go we have created simple and easy asset for trading. You can view it on the portfolio tab after it has been created and you can start selling it right away on the Waves.Exchange or distributing it to followers, friends or even investors. 


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