Bittubers - New Social Media Platform fueled by Crypto (BETA)

Bittubers - New Social Media Platform fueled by Crypto (BETA)

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 12 Jun 2019

Bittubers Beta Overview

Today i'm going to talk about platform that is currently on Beta and by beta i mean everyone are allowed to view and read posts, view images, videos and livestreams on the platform however you are not allowed to register unless you have staked in the airtime extension some tubes, more about Airtim Extension and staking on my previous article

Currently you need 25,000 TUBE's staked to make an account and starting post, in a week or so it will be 2,500 TUBE's and after that it will be open for all. This method is basically used to cater to the dedicated people in the project and its not bad idea. 

Main Concept Around Bittubers

  • Offer video uploading via IPFS and Live Streaming
  • Create Twitter like profile with home page that has videos tab for example
  • Get TUBE's by browsing the site, everyone basically gets paid here
  • Offer bigger member privileges for people who stake tube on the platform, this creates more value and use case of the TUBE currency
  • Also very censorship resistant platform that is at least lot more decentralized than Facebook
  • Moderators will get rewarded TUBE's 
  • Enable people donate tube's to posts people make on the platform

When we compare this platform to Steemit its clear that there is bigger pathway to mass adaption, since everyone basically can create an account after the beta phase is over. The layout and monetization model is already there and cannot really be censored since its blockchain based. It really comes down to will it become a popular place for people to post basically. 

Note: The Bittube video platform will be phased out and sort of merged to, it seems that the devs felt that the platform failed provide mass adaption they had hoped i suppose. Also in future they are working on Bittube Browser as well which will be very interesting, since their extension got banned from Google Store. 


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