All Automated Market Makers (AMM's AKA Uniswap Based Protocols) On Each Chain (Updating List v.1.1)

All Automated Market Makers (AMM's AKA Uniswap Based Protocols) On Each Chain (Updating List v.1.1)

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 23 Sep 2020


People who are fans of Liquidity mining - this article is made for you and me of course. A Collection of AMM websites across all chains and all the active/existing forks out there. If your site is missing drop an email to but if the site is too sketchy i may not list it (to protect investors). Grammar is gonna be shit like always, deal with it !

Ethereum AMM's

So starting with the birthplace of AMM's and that is Ethereum, i only will add the sites with latest versions, so i will not include things like Uniswap v1 for instance since its slowly becoming less used in the space.

  • Uniswap V2 - The Latest version of Uniswap & one of the largest players in whole DeFi & AMM space. Native token is Uniswap ($UNI) 
  • Mooniswap - Created by 1inch Exchange, claiming to provide higher liquidity rewards for people.
  • 1inch Exchange - Aggregator that finds best prices through multiple AMM's in Ethereum and also saves money on gas fees with their native Chi Token
  • SushiSwap - Fork of Uniswap V2 with high liquidity and native token called $SUSHI 
  • Balancer - This one works lot differently and technically isn't an AMM, but allows you to offer liquidity with 1 token and you get rewarded in their native balancer token.
  • Bancor - Technically the very first AMM DEX in Ethereum, native token Bancor ($BNT)
  • BlackholeSwap - Created by Hakka finance whom have their own native token known as $HAKKA


Obviously TRON was among the first to start replicating the success of uniswap with the creation of Just Swap (by Tron Foundation). AMM's in tron are significantly cheaper to contribute in, which has lead to more low term supplying by many projects. You are required to have tronlink in order to access these services.

  • JustSwap - Owned and created by Tron Foundation. The native token doesn't have much play into ecosystem apparently but it is $JST in case you want to take a look at it.
  • Unifi Protocol - Different approach in the model where fees are paid in native token known as $UP (not to be confused with upptrend) 
  • Salmon Swap - Decentralized project by TronFi with their own native token known as $SALMON they also offer LP pools.


Due to the very nature of EOS things tend to work always differently there. It seems that the EOS AMM model functions with liquidity mining mostly with all pairs no matter what you provide, so basically each pair has LP rewards top of the normal fees you are accruing. 

  • Defibox - Fully audited and multi functioning AMM with native token that pays EOS dividends for staking. You get native token BOX by supplying liquidity to the pools
  • Defis Network - Another AMM provider in EOS with a native token called $DFS, which you earn by providing liquidity in to the pools and also offers an unlockable referral program

xDai AMM's

A Popular Layer 1 solution to Ethereum called xDaichain has recently released their first AMM platform, which you can find tutorial made by me here. I recommend using metamask, saturn wallet or nifty wallet to access dapps.

  • HoneySwap - First swapping site on xDai based on Uniswap V2, which has their own native token known as $HNY with a limited supply. 

VeChain AMM's

The public blockchain that derives its value from activities created by members within the ecosystem solving real world economic problems. 

  • Vexchange - First AMM service in VeChain blockchain. 

Matic Network AMM's

Since Matic has moved into its own chain it has seen growth in dapps section and this includes its first AMM provider. Matic network can be added into your metamask. 

  • SwapMatic - First Matic AMM with their own native token known as Swapmatic Token ($SWAM)

Ubiq AMM's

Ubiq is built upon an improved version of the Ethereum Codebase, putting stability at its core. Ubiq offers an enterprise-stable platform by implementing well established and thoroughly tested EVM code. This code, coupled with a conservative upgrade schedule, reduces the risk of network instability and unintended hard-forks.

  • Shinobi Swap - First AMM on Ubiq based on Uniswap V2 protocol. You can access it with Metamask or sparrow extension


I'm very excited for upcoming AMM projects which are currently in the making, however some of them are going to be releasing very soon and some are bit further away. Obviously as i stated above you can contact me at to get things listed here.

  • Flamingo Finance (NEO) - First NEO based on AMM should be releasing slowly in end of september 2020
  • Polkaswap (DOT) - First Polkadot based AMM DEX that is uniquely designed for polkadot ecosystem on the SORA v2 Network.
  • Quipus Swap (XTZ) - First Tezos AMM currently on Carthage Testnet, seems to have a native token too.


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