TOP 6 of the most powerful ERC-20 Wallet that you deserve to use

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 26 Apr 2020

Ethereum Request For Comments 20 or ERC-20 is the most widely used type of crypto token to date, this is inseparable from the reliability of the technology used and the many "hard to soft" devices that support it.

Because of the many benefits provided, many crypto companies make their coins from Eethereum ERC-20. As I said above, ERC-20 is supported by many devices, and this also underlies many crypto wallets that support ERC Token storage, and here is the best Wallet to store your Eethereum token.

Before that, I suggested not to save a lot of coins in a hot wallet

1. Nano Ledger Series (Nano S or X)
Hardware Wallet Ledger is a wallet with a high level of security because it is not connected to the internet. This device has an OLED screen and buttons to view all balances and transactions on the device. also, to use this device you only need to plug it into a USB port and this application can be integrated with online wallets such as myetherwallet, metamask, the default application itself, and others.

Ledger supports various coins including Ethereum tokens and you can see the list on its website, please note that ledger does not support all ethereum tokens registered in etherscan. even so, the developer continues to develop to support all coins.

2. Metamask
Metamask is an online wallet that is easy to use, metamask in the form of extensions for several browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla and is currently being developed for the mobile version. This wallet supports all ERC coins found in etherscan and almost all DEX exchanges support metamask as a way to access their exchanges.

Metamask also supports many Dapps such as myetherwallet, and others and is very suitable as a place to collect coins from the airdrop.

3. Atomic Wallet
Atomic is a widely used Desktop wallet and supports all types of crypto that have been circulating, including the erc20 coin. Atomic is also available in Android and IOS versions and will be integrated. This wallet is also equipped with a backup, instant trade, and swap system.

Atomic is fully user-controlled, so users can manage their portfolios freely and are supported by multiple security, and users can also hold their private keys.

4. Trust Wallet
This wallet was developed by Binance and is only available for mobile versions (Android and iOS) and users can fully control their account, this includes a private key.

TrustWallet supports almost all crypto in circulation including the ERC-20 and ERC-223 coins, besides that it also supports many Dapps such as Uniswap, local ethereum, and others.

5. Mist
Mist is an official wallet from Ethereum and supports all ERC tokens of various standards, Mist also allows its users to trade on Shape-Shipt trading.

Mist is also used to develop Ethereum blockchain and manufacture Smart-Contract and is the safest Ethereum wallet with multi factors

6. Parity
is a wallet designed similar to a browser, this wallet is available in the desktop version for Windows, Ubuntu, and requires Docker for the OSX version. This wallet fully supports the Ethereum ERC-20 token and is planned to also support ERC-223 in the future.

Parity supports many Dapps and you can explore Dapps applications like browsing the internet with a browser.


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