HEX Coin arbitrage strategy on the Bitcoin.com and Uniswap exchanges with more than 50% profit per transaction

HEX Coin arbitrage strategy on the Bitcoin.com and Uniswap exchanges with more than 50% profit per transaction

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 21 Feb 2020

Arbitrage is a currency trading method "in this context is a cryptocurrency" by selling/buying crypto on more than one exchange market. simply buy a coin at a low price on exchange A and then sell it on exchange B at a higher price, the margin of the price of the two exchanges is the profit we get. The greater the margin obtained, the greater the profit we will get.

This time I will trade arbitrage using HEX coins from the exchange Bitcoin.com and Uniswap exchange. It should be noted that the current HEX price on Bitcoin.com is BCH 0.0000005010 or USD 0.00018980 and on Uniswap ETH 0.00000112 or USD 0.00029291. if calculated the price margin is 100% but it does not include transaction fees and WD.

First, you must have an account at the Bitcoin.com exchange if you are free to register here. after that, you make a deposit BitcoinCash (BCH) with the nominal according to your budget "or you can also deposit with another coin then exchange with BCH" after that enter the exchange page and enter BCH / HEX trading and buy HEX for the amount you want to want.


here I enter 0.00981788 BCH or 3 USD and get 17800 HEX. after that, you move (withdraw) to your Ethereum address recommended by Metamask or Dapps that is compatible with UNISWAP.

Once sent, open Uniswap and log in using your Dapps account and select the SWAP option. after that, select the HEX coin (if not in the list, enter the HEX contract address) and select the destination swap to ETH, after that enter all HEX coins and set the additional price slippage limit then Klick Swap and confirm/approve the payment.


Look at how much ETH you get. in this case, I deposited with 0.013 ETH and after arbitration, my ETH became 0.0199 and got a net profit of around 50-70% of the initial funds.


Warning: because the price of crypto is very volatile, then before doing the above method, first make sure the price of the coin is still following what I posted or not, if not then you have to adjust it first.

Squidy analysis
Squidy analysis

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