Win $100 Prize for Your Gaming Experience: New Contest from Liquidifty

By | Liquidifty Blog | 2 Sep 2022

We have great news for all who love to play games! Liquidifty announces a big contest of game reviews. Five authors of the winning reviews will be chosen by the Liquidifty team and rewarded with 100$. The competition will last till September 9, 2022. We guess you know what to do!

Usually, we decide what game to play based on experts’ recommendations and reviews. Now could you become our expert?

There are no rules, but here are some friendly tips from us

We want to see a game review (P2E, NFT). The review itself can contain:

⁃ Game description — what is it? What’s the idea? Perhaps you would like to tell us about the team of creators and their previous projects.

⁃ Game mechanics — what the gameplay looks like. We will be glad to see screenshots or videos!📷

⁃ How to make it so as to collect the optimal set of NFTs and items for the game.

⁃ How can I make money in the game?

The best reviews will be posted on our blog website with the authors mentioned — so you will be able to declare yourself as an expert and reach a new audience. Therefore, we will ask you to write a few words about yourself in the application form so that we can tell about you; if you win, we may also ask you to leave your email address in the form so that we can contact.

If you have no more questions, you can already get to work in our Google Form!

Please, remember that it is not scientific research, have fun and find your personal approach to the review. Do not forget review has to be unique, plagiarism-free and based on your personal experience! Good luck to everyone!

In case you want to know more tips and see our step-by-step instructions on how to submit an article — read more of our article!

How to Choose a P2E Game for Review?

⁃ If you like the game and you are already playing it — write about it!

⁃ you like the game and want to try it — this is an excellent reason to start and share with us!

⁃ you didn’t like the game, or you made a mechanic mistake and want someone else not to make a mistake, immediately share with us!

⁃ you are just interested in everything related to P2E and want to try it Get involved! Everybody has chances!

We will be waiting for your reviews for 2 weeks until September 9, 2022. We will the winners before September 16, 2022 and distrubute the rewards.

If you do not know how to submit your review — follow our instructions.

Step-by-step instructions how to Submit an Article

1. Open Google Docs or any other resource where you can write.

2. Write your own text

3. Copy the link to the document and paste it into our Google Form.

( Do not forget to open access, otherwise we will not be able to see what you have worked so hard on! )

4. Be sure, you have indicated your wallet, so that if you win, we can promptly send your reward!

We hope you like our idea and you will be happy to participate! Thank you for staying with us!

Announcement of our winners will also be on our social networks. So please subscribe, so you don’t miss out.


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Liquidifty — NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain with Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects.

Liquidifty Blog
Liquidifty Blog

Liquidifty — NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain with Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects.

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