Birthday Of Liquidifty Platform: A Year We Are Proud Of!

By | Liquidifty Blog | 25 May 2022

Hooray, 21st of May is Liquidifty birthday! It was a breakout year for our platform — we went multi-chain, launched IDO Launchpad, expanded the team and community, held many activities and sales with the most promising NFT projects, found new partners and artists and it is only the beginning.

We celebrate and have prepared gifts for you!

Even though it’s our birthday, you will get presents! No complicated rules — celebration is for fun. Users who have ever bought, sold or minted NFTs (minted before 21st May) on Liquidifty can claim an exclusive Birthday NFT — that opens access to the amazing 3 weeks of raffles!

The raffles will be held in three waves starting on June 1, June 8 and June 15. Each wave will contain a set of NFTs of top projects: Otherdeed for OthersideBeanz OfficialIO:Imaginery onesMekaVerseDrunk RobotsAnimalia GamesWanaka FarmKryptomonPlanet Sandbox, HexarchiaWizardium.

You can find the detailed information and claim your NFT starting from May 25, 12:00 UTC on the official page:
If you haven’t bought or minted NFTs on Liquidifty yet, you still have a chance to do it and participate in raffles.

Overall results

In the first year, we expanded our team, made a strong presence in markets in different regions, and can boast impressive results.

The total volume of our platform reached $25m+, we engaged 80 000+ users that have created more than 270 000 NFTs. We are moving forward and sure that we will report even better results next year.


Launch sales of many NFT projects

During this year we organised sales for 35 cool projects, including:

  • Drunk Robots with incredible sales results of $2+ mln;
  • Equinox $2+ mln;
  • Gamespad and many others.

Our team provides full support for NFT projects: from technical support to project reviews, recommendations, sales growth, PR and marketing assistance: collaboration with other partners for marketing impact, additional promotion among influencers and paid advertising, and activities to increase engagement.

Epic contests

We held 8 contests for collectors, artists and players.

Participants of the contests received NFTs from the most popular and valuable projects and artists such as: CRYPTOPUNK, Bored Apes, works by Pak, XCOPY, Steven Baltay, x0r, Steve Aoki


Liquidifty Launchpad

We are very proud of our amazing Launchpad with tiered Pass system, which gives the advantage to those who join early.

We also went away from the frustrating whitelist system. As long as users have a pass (Gas, Liquid, or Solid), they don’t have to do anything else: simply wait for the next IDO and join.

Our team has already held several successful IDOs on our Launchpad, including CanaBoyz, Drunk Robots and many anticipated projects are coming soon.


We integrated Polygon and Ethereum, it took time and lots of effort from our team — but we managed it! As early as next week we will start launching projects on these two chains.

Apart from this big announcement about Polygon and Ethereum integration we have some more plans regarding the new chains: Avalanche and Fantom.

We met rising stars among artists

This year we found a lot of new up-and-coming artists who make cool work, broadcast their values in it, and have a unique style.

Here is a list of the artists we are pleased to mention as our platform residents: @Nicogs@SalivaDog@vospitannik@rvre@yobaninja@ffngrs@santahero@Pablosvision@restlessperson@aleksustya@Houseofjpg@adjacent_future@Insplace@kuper@Chidaruma@AleynaMoon@Victormaslow@froshkam@fabio@iamnotsemi@ffngrs@maxpulso@subwway_m@2SHON@ritual@customhorror@whatoonee@princelail and others!

We support artists in our official social media channels, providing additional exposure for creators and their work.

Liquidifty has opened LQT Exhibition section where the featured artists can present their NFTs. Apart from the Exhibition, Liquidifty holds events where we buy the most creative and outstanding NFTs from the artists.


And reliable partners

“If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. We totally agree with this quote and are always in search of partners who can support us in developing and changing the industry for the better.

This year we became partners with many guilds and amazing game projects: CryptoBlades, Scary Games, Wizardium, Hexarchia, Kryptomon, RoSlayers, Xpansion, Metabays, Planet Sandbox, Wanaka, The Three Kingdoms, Real Realm, Cryptobots, Animalia Games, Zuki Moba, BinaryX and others.


Started our own blog

Our content team launched the process of preparing handy guides and articles for our users and partners. We want to bring more useful information, reviews, ideas and thoughts of the experts — best on the market. We really want to educate our users and community so that everyone can join and get safe experience in the crypto world.

Our articles contain simple step-by-step instructions for beginners as well as deep analytics and strategies for those who have already started investing and earning with NFTs.

None of our achievements would be possible without you — our community! You support us, motivate us, help us become better every day — thank you so much for everything.

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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Liquidifty — NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain with Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects.

Liquidifty Blog
Liquidifty Blog

Liquidifty — NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain with Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects.

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