Liquid Exchange launched the first part of Liquid Vision!

By hsotaka | Liquid and Qash | 23 Sep 2019

Today Liquid launched the first part of Liquid Vision, a powerful part of the exchange which will include statistical and social elements.

1. The vision of Liquid Vision

In a blog post which was published in August, they released the first screenshots how Liquid Vision will look like:



You can see that there will be a statistical elements which shows your portfolio ratio and how your assets moved (Top movers, etc.).

Also there will be huge statistics about your trading. How does the cumulative PnL performs? Whats your winning ratio? Whats the ratio of you gains and losses? How do you favorite markets perform and whats the current volume of your favorite trading pairs?

In the next step, Liquid plans to add social elements to their "Liquid Vision" section. You will be able to share you opinions, charts, graphs, etc with other Liquid user. With that feature, Liquid customers will become one big trading community!

Together with their existing products for spot trading, margin trading (up to x25) and CFD Trading (up to x100), Liquid already is my favorite exchange for professional trading. You can also lend you assets to margin traders or convert you coins easy with their Quick Exchange.


2. The first Liquid Vision release

With the first release of Liquid Vision today, portfolio statistics got implemented:


Now you are able to get a fast and clear overview of your portfolio, trades, margin coverage and favorite markets.
I'm really looking forward to the next implementations which will bring the announced trading statistics and social elements.


If you want to learn more about Liquid, their products, regulation and security policy, feel free to read my review about the Liquid exchange:


Thank you for reading me article:)

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Liquid and Qash
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