PROBIT exchange overview

By liorezal | Liorezal | 22 Nov 2020

New cryptocurrency exchanges are launched regularly. They compete with each other for the attention of active traders. As a result, service is continually being improved, and new functions are being introduced. The more quality exchanges there are, the more accessible the crypt currency will become for people.

The Probit exchange, established in South Korea, is currently one of the fastest-growing among competitors.  An important indicator for the Exchange is the speed at which orders are known (in English - matching). Let's say that you have put up an offer to buy a cryptographic currency. For a transaction to occur, the system must find a second participant willing to sell their coins at the specified price. One and a half million transactions per second are processed on the Probit exchange.

In total, more than 500 trading pairs are available, including only good tokens. A generous referral program is also available. You will receive between 10 and 30 percent of the commission paid by invited people. 

The Exchange supports sales. This function will be useful for developers of new cryptographic software to raise funds for the project. "Probit" allows you to accept payment for tokens using up to five currencies at a time. It is also possible to carry out several rounds of IEO and block some tokens if you wish, for example, if the team does not want to sell all the tokens.

"Probit has an extensive community. The website alone receives 2.5 million visitors per month and 500,000 of them actively use the platform. And this does not include users of the Exchange's partner services. With them, the number of potential customers reaches 40 million people.

The "Probit" platform has its own token with the PROB symbol. Its use allows both saving and earning money by using the Exchange. If a user has a PROB coin on his or her wallet, the trading fee is reduced, he or she is entitled to vote for which of the new coins will go to the Exchange earlier, the bonus from invited friends is increased and new features are available first.

How do I get a PROB?  The first option is to buy on the same Exchange for bitcoin, air, USDT (a coin pegged to the US dollar). The second option is the so-called "trading mining." You make transactions, and part of the commission is returned in the form of PROB tokens. Another curious 'token' is the stacking (accumulation) of coins. If a user's wallet accumulates 100,000 PROB or more, the customer can receive a refund of up to 100% of the commission amount. If there is 100,000 PROB on the wallet, the coins start generating passive income of 3% per annum.

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