The Ubuntu team have announced the release of Ubuntu 19.10
The Ubuntu team have announced the release of Ubuntu 19.10

By Yasin | Linux | 17 Oct 2019

One of the most popular Linux distributions in the world, Ubuntu and its variants' 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) release was announced.

Developed by Canonical, Ubuntu releases a new version every year in April and October. Also every two years, LTS (Long time Support) versions are introduced, with technical support provided for five years. Ubuntu, which released the LTS version in April 2018, is expected to announce the new LTS version next April.


Official Ubuntu Web Page

Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine Release Notes

Download Ubuntu 19.10


Other Official Ubuntu Flavours :

Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE Plasma Workspace experience.)

Ubuntu Budgie (Ubuntu Budgie provides the Budgie desktop environment which focuses on simplicity and elegance.)

Ubuntu MATE (The continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop which was Ubuntu's default desktop until October 2010.)

Xubuntu (Ubuntu with Xfce, which is a stable, light and configurable desktop environment.)

Lubuntu (Light, fast, and modern LXDE as its default desktop environment.)

Ubuntu Studio (A multimedia content creation flavor of Ubuntu, aimed at the audio, video and graphic enthusiast or professional.)

Ubuntu Kylin (Tuned to the needs of Chinese users, providing a thoughtful and elegant Chinese experience out-of-the-box.)


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