How to save more money

How To Save Money ? 10 Steps To Save More

By Kosa777 | Lifestyle Tips | 17 Feb 2021

How is the beginning of the new year going for you? There is always a time when we start to set different resolutions.

Someone is probably trying to quit smoking (check how much you can save with it!)

Someone else is starting to run, and someone else is trying to find more time for the family.

If you do not have your resolution yet, I strongly encourage you to save it. I know that it is easy to say and much more difficult to implement this plan, which is why I prepared a very practical and extensive guide for you in advance.


Find out about 10 simple ways to save money without making big sacrifices.


1. Go for groceries only with a list - preparing a list of necessary things in advance will protect you from spontaneous, i.e. ill-considered purchases. However, it's important to be strong-willed and stick to your plan. You can find more ways to save on ordinary grocery shopping in my post on this topic.


2. Verification of bank costs - it is worth checking from time to time whether it is not too expensive to have a personal account in a bank. In times of great competition on the market, there is no problem with finding a better offer. There are also promotions, thanks to which you can even earn on having a current account. I always analyze the most interesting ones on my blog.

3. Less TV, more moves - I have already written about the costs of watching TV - refer to this article. Instead of wasting time on the couch, it's better to move around, even take a walk. The weight will drop, your well-being will improve and your wallet will get a little thicker.

4. Planning everything that can be planned - Thanks to planning you avoid sudden and large expenses. A simple example: school layette. It has always been known that the school year starts on September 1, so there is no problem with putting aside money for the purchase of books or accessories a few months earlier. You can also plan your vacation well in advance, and why it pays off - you can read about it in this post.

5. Negotiating with utility suppliers - current bills consume most of every family's budget, so I see no reason not to try to lower them. It is worth checking whether it is profitable to change the electricity provider. I also encourage you to regularly check the offers of mobile operators or Internet providers. If it is cheaper somewhere, it is worth trying to negotiate better conditions with your current company.

6. Investment in a dishwasher - I proved the profitability of owning a dishwasher in this article and I know that it is still very popular. Therefore, I simply encourage you to read it.

7. Mobilization to collect savings - saving aimlessly is, in my opinion, somewhat pointless. Therefore, I believe that it is worth finding the motivation to save. It can be a dream trip, buying a new car, or securing a child's future. Knowing what you are saving on makes it easier to get down to work.

8. Learning foreign languages ​​via the Internet - there is no cheaper option, and with a little perseverance, you can achieve really great results. I wrote more about it in this article.

9. Carpooling - commuting to work and to any other place in your area. There are many carpooling services that connect people's interests. I once reviewed one of them. If you want to travel together, it is also worth looking for work.


10. Wardrobe Revision - Going shopping for clothes just to have fun is a straightforward way to waste your money. If you think that you need new things, it is worthwhile to inspect your wardrobe first and assess whether it is really missing something. It may be an opportunity to get rid of damaged or too small things, and even to go to the so-called I will replace.

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