Some ideas to write good articles

Some ideas to write good articles

Hey mates!

Today I'm coming with some tips to write good articles. 


Sometimes, people write articles as "chickens without heads", I mean, you can read so much in an article and you can feel that

  • you can't understand what the article is about,
  • or the idea behind is not clear,
  • or the article is the "neverending story" and you can't reach the end...  
  • only the writers know about which is writing for...

Let's talk about the 'Pains'

You have to keep in mind that your reader can suffer from some of the next pains when is reading an article: 

  • people have a limited amount of time to read you, life is short although you don't believe it. 
  • people can be tired physically, sometimes people need to rest and if your article is not attractive is not going to keep on reading you.
  • people can lose the focus of the main idea of the article. 
  • people can lose the attention of your article, after 1 min o 2, the reader can feel that your article is not for him.

My Advice

So in order to avoid the previous pains: 

  • write only about one thing. For me, the rule is one article one thing. You can write the whole holy bible, but keep in mind that your reader maybe have 5 mins of free time, and maybe your reader is not going to invest more time than this. You can write more articles in your life, don't you worry. You don't have to write your whole book in a single article.
  • be concise. If you want to communicate an idea, please don't waste the time writing about other things that are irrelevant. If you can tell something in 5 secs, please don't waste 10 min to say the same. Less is always better. Sometimes, as much you write as less can be understood.
  • use the same vocabulary or a ubiquitous language. When you are writing, think in the reader. If you write using a language or a set of terms that you only know, your reader is not going to keep on reading the article. For instance, if you are talking about Defi markets, explain what is a Defi market is, and after that, keep on writing your article, or write down a glossary of terms where you explain what is what. To be honest, I'm really tired to read a lot of articles about cryptos here, in publish0x, and I feel that I can't understand so much, and sometimes I think that only the writer knows what is the article about. 
  • think in the target of your article. In more or less the same idea behind of the previous point. Think about who people are going to read your article, if your target is a small set of specialized people, your article will not have so much audience. 
  • be clear. Explain things or ideas in an easy way. Sometimes think that you are explaining your idea to a child who doesn't know anything about it.

Structure your article!

If you structure your article in the next blocks, you will achieve a clear and comprehensive article:

  • the context. Start for the beginning. Explain the starting point of your idea. Explain where the pieces are in the beginning. Introduce your subjects to the reader, please.
  • the problem or the needed. Once introduced to the context, you can explain what the problem or need is context. 
  • the solution. Once introduced to the context and the problem or needed, you can explain the solution. At this point, the reader can understand all really well and he can pay all the needed attention.
  • summarize the ideas behind the article to finish

If you follow this structure, you are guiding to the reader, and reading you, can become a pleasure.

To Summarize

Reading articles sometimes is not an easy task, sometimes the writer has to think a little bit about what he wants to communicate and how. Think a little bit about these things for the next time you wrote an article, maybe you can increase your number of readers. At least these are some of the ideas to assess at the time to write articles. 

Thanks for reading me!

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