defillama, your new best friend

defillama, your new best friend

hey here!

I would like to introduce the defillama app. The defillama app is a place where you can see all the info about the blockchains, tokens, DEX's, assets, yield field and more. For me is an amazing place everything is collected there. Let's walk into defillama app and we are going to see what is the most important info here.

The total value liquid or TVL

This indicator is the amount of money invested in the token, pool, farm or whatever. This indicator tells us how healthy is the project. So take it into account every time you are going to invest in any place.


Total Value Locked  TVL All Chains

Here is the same than previously I told you. The total value liquid of every chain. Another time, for this indicator is really important to know where wealth is spread out. For example, here in the image you can see main blockchains on the market: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana and their TVL.


DEX Total Value Liquid

This part is really interesting. I mean, if you are a holder or staker, here is where you can the most valuable info about the best DEX's. And more thing here that I like a lot, you can filter about the blockchain. I mean, for instance, you have BNB so maybe you want to hold or stake in the BSC DEX's, so the filter is here to help you. After that, you can see the TVL of the DEX to know if it's good for you or not.


If you click into an specific DEX you can see the data on detail. Take into account the audits info, because the project can be or not audited. So it's better to be audited. If it's audited, at least you can feel that the project is not a scam from the beginning.



Let's go to the defillama and just do a deep dive to know how the healthy and wealth is the market. Combine the info on DefiLlama with coingecko, coinmarketcap or marketcap to get better results. Do your own research (DYOR) before to invest.

Regards and enjoy!


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